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I wish...

Posted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 3:22 pm
by Jason M. Ham
There was a popular hit song by a rapper called Skeelo a few years back. I really liked it at the time. It was called I Wish. Check out the lyrics at ... lyrics.asp
The first line went like this.
I wish I was a little bit taller.
In the song, Skeelo doesn't like being short. He wants to grow taller so he can have a better life.

Here's another sentence I came up with.
I wish I could master the Korean language and speak fluently.
The fact is, I've studied Korean for 7 years and I still have a lot of difficulties with it. I'm not 100% happy with my present ability in the language. I want to improve.

Wish can be used to express regret over something. We use wish + past tense forms, but we refer to a situation in the present when doing this. The clause (after subject + wish) should be a complete sentence able to stand on it's own.
I wish he could sing better.
He could sing better is a complete sentence.
In addition, we sometimes use were instead of was after wish with (be).
For example, I just thought of something that will help you understand.
I wish I were an astronaut.
I'm not, I'm an English professor.
My house is a bit cramped now.
I wish it were a little larger.

I can do it

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 10:33 pm
by Yoon Da Hye
We know that "can"is "possible".
But detail means are ability, possibility,approval.

Quote :

Form= S + can + Verb + Object

I can speak Englisk -> ability
We can come tomorrow morning -> possibility
Can I smoke here? -> approval

The "can" give many courage and anticipation.
So many words of a song use this word.

Quote :

If i can see it then and I can do it

This words is one part of R.kelly "I belive i can fly". ... 0005680572
will give you the song and words of the song.

We speak under our breath "We can do it!!" when we are exacting and tired. Well we can do it really!!!


Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 3:28 am
by Lee Su Bok
" I wish I had a girlfiend."

This sentence means

-> I don't have a girlfriend so I want to have a girlfriend.

" I wish I moved my home near by our university"

This sentece means

-> My home is too far from our university so I hard to come

our university early. It takes 1:30 hours.

[Form ]= wish + subject + past tense forms.

We usually use it to talk about some person want to have

something or want to be someone. In short, If we want to

something, we could use this grammar.

And Wish grammar has similar to If grammar meaning.


Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 6:13 am
by Lee Eun Mi
"I wish I had much money."
- This is a sentence with a Wish grammar.
We use it to one's hope, that is, this sentence means I don't have much money now. So I am not buy a pair of shoes. Because I want money.
"I wish I could speak Chinese well."

- This sentence means
I have studied Chinese for high school student. But I can't speak Chinese.
So I want to speak well.
Form = wish + subject + Past tense forms
I wish I had konw the fact.
I wish I were a bird.
We usually use it to talk about hope. We can not doing something at the present time That form indicated that it is opposed to present situation . Also to show regretful.

[Homework] Make a 'Wish'

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 8:23 am
by Jeon Mi Yeon
1st example sentence
" I wish I could turn back the clock. "

*come from~
☞ I can get this sentence from 'eBoyoung's Dictionary of ENGLISH CONVERSATIONAL EXPRESSIONS, page 64' .'eBoyoung' is famous english teacher in Korea. she has a lot of the written about English education. I recommend to students, who feel like speaking english very well.
As I saw this sentence at that book, I thought my regret something.
Therefore I quote it in my homework.

*Meaning -What I thought I saw this sentence.
☞ This sentence saw and I thought that When I was younger, I didn't study hard. so I have been so many regrets. If I had taken my mother's advice at the time of middle school, I would have got good grades in my entrance exam. And If I could turn back the clock, I would more study hard. But now I trying to my study, because I want not regret any more.

This is a sentence with a 'Wish'.
[We use 'Wish' to say that we regret something, that something is not as we would like it to be.] : this explanation come from 'Grammar In Use, page 72' .

ⅰ.Form = I + wish + S + Past tense + ....

ⅱ.Example I wish I were a teacher.
= I am sorry I am not a teacher.
I wish I knew informations.
= I am sorry I don' t know informations
I wish I could speak French .
= I am sorry I cannot speak French.

☞ We can not doing something at the present time, we usually I + wish + S + Past tense ~. That form indicated that it is opposed to present situation . That is unreal. Also to show regretful.

2nd example sentence
"I wish I had learned Japanese language."

*come from~

☞This sentence came from my experience.
That's not quote.

*Meaning - my experience
☞This sentence means that I am sorry that I can't speak Japanese language.
It is indicated that my desire of speaking to Japanese .
When I was working part time, Japaneses came into the Green tea cafe.
Green tea cafe is in my work place.
At that time I had have difficulty. Because Japanese seemed to be some more about the information of beverages as they had ordered.
I thought that 'If I speak to Japanese very well, I would explain what they wanted.'.
So I felt the necessity with foreign languages, whenever I have a conversation with foreigners.


ⅰ. Form = I + wish + S + Past perfect tense + ...

ⅱ. Example : I wish I hadn't lost my key.
= I am sorry I lost my key.
I wish you had remembered our meeting.
= I am sorry you didn't remember our meeting.
I wish she had told him.
= I am sorry she didn't tell him.

☞ This sentence also used a 'Wish' with First example sentence.
But a little something different.
Second example sentence is compare with First example sentence.

*1st example sentence Form :I + wish + S + Past tense + ....
*2nd example sentence Form :I + wish + S + Past Perfect tence + .....

;1st example sentence is used Past tense, that means it is opposed to present situation. However, 2nd example sentence Form means it is opposed to past situation, unreal.
So We usually use 2nd example sentence Form to express something.
That something is that we shouldn't have done.

written by Jeon Mi Yeon

Re: [Homework] Make a 'Wish'

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:33 am
by Jeong Mi Seon
I wish I were a bird.
->My sister went abroad to study English. I miss my sister. I hope to go there.

I wish I were a rich man.
-> I am sorry I am not a rich man. If I were rich, I would travel around the world. I am not a rich man now, but I do one's best.

I wish I had learned English hard.
-> As I didn't work hard, I difficult write English. So I must study English very hard.

Form = wish + past tense forms

ex) I wish he could drive a car.
I wish I were better-looking.
I wish he was coming with us.
I wish I had gone to there.

We are not satisfied about present or past. Therefore we are make every effort till satisfied.

make a wish

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:39 am
by woo chang-yoon
I wish i could play basketball well.
I made up this sentence.
meaning: I like basketball. But can not play well. So I wanna play it very well.

Here is another one.
We wish you a merry Christmas.
This sentence comes from 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'

It is very famous carol. So i captured that.
Meaning is very simple. We hope your christmas will be brightness.

The tense of an object changes to a past tense when "wish" is used in a phrase.
"Wish" is used to express a desire for something that is impossible to become true.


Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 8:58 am
by Jason M. Ham
Check these corrections out guys and see what you think.
I wish I had studied English hard(er).
Sounds better.
I wish I had gone there.
Don't need the preposition to.
I wish I knew (had) more information.
Info is an uncountable noun.
I wish I had a lot of money.
A lot sounds better than much here..
I wish I could move near our university.
It's more accurate this way; expresses lack of ability.