I wish..

Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Kim Jung Hyun
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I wish..

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I wish I were rich.
Because there are so many things that I want to have, use, eat, see... etc.
And also I want to give better things as a present to my family.
I wish I could have a personal computer.
Sometimes, when I'm using a computer, there's a time that my brother or sister wants top use a computer too.
Even if we divide the time and share, there isn't enough time for three of us.

Form = I wish + subject + past tense form

> used to tell the wishes that can not come to truth

ex) I wish I could fly.

Jason M. Ham
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Jung Hyun

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Great examples. So, you want to buy better things as presents for your family, right? Sounds like a personal computer would be a great gift since there isn't enough time for the three of you to share the one you have now. :o

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