Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Lee Su Bok
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[/quote] " I wish I had a girlfiend."

This sentence means

-> I don't have a girlfriend so I want to have a girlfriend.

[/quote] " I wish I moved my home near by our university"

This sentece means

-> My home is too far from our university so I hard to come

our university early. It takes 1:30 hours.

[Form ]= wish + subject + past tense forms.

We usually use it to talk about some person want to have

something or want to be someone. In short, If we want to

something, we could use this grammar.

And Wish grammar has similar to If grammar mening.[/quote]

Jason M. Ham
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I wish I could move near our university.
Your meaning is clearer if you use could in your second example sentence. I think you are trying to express something you want in the present.8)

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