I wish

Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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I wish

Post by LeeMinJu »

I wish I were a slim woman
=> because I`m a plump woman. and I want to have look nice.

I usually want to make a boy friend.

I wish I met H.O.T.

=> because my first favorite musician is H.O.T.

I very very love them and their music.

they are very handsome and they sing in tone very well.

I very want to meet them. It`s my desire.

Form = I wish +(that) + subject + past tense of verb

Wish subjunctive mood express a unrealized desire on present or future.

It means hope, wish, want...etc..

It is similar to the past subjunctive mood.

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Post by Jason M. Ham »

If you still want to meet H.O.T., I would say it like this.
I wish I could meet H.O.T.
This stresses your inability to meet them rather than the regret of a past choice. 8)

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