Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Yoon Jieen
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I wish I could lose you again.

It is words of a song by Mansun. Title is 'You, Who Do You Hate'.
Lyrics at http://lyrics.bugs.co.kr/lyrics/lyrics. ... pop0M51389

In the song, He absorbed in memories of the past lover.
If he ever met her someday he Lived and loved again.

Here's another sentence I came up with. :

I wish I were happier than the present.

I've much wishes. Happiness lies in contentment.
Do you satisfy yourself with your present work?

[Form]= I wish + S + past tense forms.

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Many Wishes

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I have many wishes too, Jieen. I wish I could hear the song you wrote about. I guess I can if I go to bugsmusic.com, right? It sounds very emotional. Does it make you sad :cry: when you listen to it?

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