Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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I wish that I could stay
The sentence comes from the song 'Why do I feel so bad'.
In the song, I don't like change. But in time things would change. So I feel bad.
I wish I could go on a trip.
I make the sentence myself. I want to go on a trip but I can't. Because I don't have money and I have to go to school.

Form=subjective+wish+(that)+past tense form (would/could/were....)
I wish I could buy a bicycle.
I wish I could see the sight.
I wish I were a rich.
I wish I had a car.
I wish I would study hard.

We use 'wish' when we want to do something but we can't do that. And we use it when we suppose what we want to do in opposition to present fact.

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I wish I could see the sights.
In most cases you would be referring to more than one sight (speaking in general).
I wish I were rich.
No a needed. 8)

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