I wish

Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Ju Jae Eun
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I wish

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I wish I could have much money.
I want to buy many clothes. So if I have much money, I will buy many clothes.
I wish I went to China.
I like China culture and Chinese. So I want to go to China because I need
to study China.

Form= I wish + (that)subject + past tense form
I wish my boyfriend was tall.
I wish I lived by myself in my house.
I wish I could speak good English.

Wish means that we want something to do. But it is at present impossible.

Jason M. Ham
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Common Usage

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I wish I could have a lot of money.
We usually say it like that, but your first example with much is grammatically correct too.
I wish I could go to China.
Again, your grammar is fine, but I think you are trying to express the fact that you would like the ability to go to China so you can study. Unfortunately, you can't go right now for some reason.
If you use went, it sounds like you had the opportunity and let it pass you by or chose another country. For example:
I wish I went to China (not Japan).
You're in Japan and you regret not going to China. You wish you could change your decision.
The past perfect may be even better in this situation.
I wish I had gone to China.

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