I wish...

Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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I wish...

Post by kimjihun(02) »

I wish my home is located in near the university.

My university very far from my home.

From My home to my university by taking subway and school bus about 2 hours..

It was very bored and painfuled.

Someday my class was finished I hope to sleeping my home .

I like sleeping very comfortely but my home is very far from university,

So, I want my home is located in near the my university.

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Post by JiHyun(02) »

Im more lucky than you about that

I live near the university

I take a village bus and some time, only walking to school

but I think it make me get up late and lazy

everything have strength and weakness :lol:

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