Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Lee Eun Ae
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[quote]I wish my dream would come ture

My dream is to become teacher. So I studied chinese.
But it's very difficult. Another subject hard, too.
I lose a self-confidence litte by little.

[quote]I wish I had met him.

Maybe I fall in love. He live in same city but he busy for study.
And I didn't meet him. Honestly I miss him.

Form:I wish+(that)+subject+past tense of verb

'wish' is equal to 'want' 'desire' 'hope'

ex)I wish I were a bird.
I want to become a bird.

Jason M. Ham
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Wish...now and then

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I wish I could meet him.
This means you'd like the opportunity to meet him in the present (but perhaps you cannot).
I wish I had met him.
This sentence is about the past. For some reason you didn't meet him and you regret it.
Which example matches your meaning, Eun Ae? :) I'm guessing that the first example is closer to the meaning you're trying to express.

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