Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Lee Hyun-Suk
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I wish I could play a bass well.
Because I`m a band. But I played a bass in a short time.

I want I play many songs. So I wish I could play a bass well.

I wish I could go SLIPKNOT`s concert.
I want to go SLIPKNOT`s concert. But this concert`s price is 88000won.

So I gave up. Sadly, I wait next chance.

Form = Subjective + Wish + Past tense form

I wish I were a Royal prince.

I wish I had a 'Penda' bass.

'Wish' is a dream. It`s not fulfill. But we still think it.

So It express the past tence.

Jason M. Ham
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rock-n-roll wishes

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Hyun-suk, I wish I could play the bass guitar well too. It sounds so cool. Then maybe I could be in a band like you. Oh, I agree, Fender makes great guitars, don't they? :o

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