Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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Oh jang rock
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I wish must do until yesterday homework continue today one time
this sentens means,
I can't homework until yesterday, because i possibility computer use.

I wish I could my major very well.
this sentens means,
my futuer hope is relation computer.

[form] wish + subject + past tense forms

ex) I wish i had high grade computer.
I wish i receive Scholarship.

It submits homework too much lately and it is sorry. :roll:

Jason M. Ham
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Wish for present and past/Hope for future

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You should reword your first example sentence to make it clearer.
I wish I could get a one-day extension on this homework.

Also, your second example expresses a future aspiration. Maybe hope would be better.
I hope I can use my major after I graduate.
Your final examples are also about the future and I think you should just use hope again. It's simple.
I hope I get a good grade in computer class.
I hope I get a scholarship.

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