I wish

Do you wish you knew all the grammar in sentences that have the word "wish"?

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I wish

Post by Inha(39)ParkSeungHo »

I wish summer vacation.
final exam term is made me tird.
summer vacation comes, i want to go travel by bicycle.
bicycle travel is very hard. weather is very hot.
but, i want to adventere. i think, bicycle travel give me confidence, patience, adhesiveness.
if i achieve that when the summer vacation, it will be good for my future.

Jason M. Ham
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I wish...

Post by Jason M. Ham »

I wish I had more time in each day to spend with my sons. I wish I didn't get so cranky with them at times. Do you know what I mean? :? I also wish I had done my MA right after finishing my BA. It's difficult being a father, full-time professor, and full-time student as well. However, I have no regrets. :)

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