Woman Smoking

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Jason M. Ham
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Women Puffers

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Interesting. Do you smoke? Have you ever had a negative experience smoking in public? How do you feel about smoking in general? Do you like guys who smoke, or is it a turnoff? :?:
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I'm smoker...but...

Post by Inha(11)ChoiHoJung »

I went to Australia too, also I could see all smokers smoke in the street.
I think it just they culture. As you know, In Korea, most woman can't smoke in the street because of unique Korea culture.

But, in my opinion, everyone smokers(all of nations) mustn't smoke in the street and inside. They should be smoke only on allowed area.
I don't like damage to non-smoker. If I smoke at a non-smoker, he(or she) could humble at me. It just my fault.

In Inha university, we can see smoker in the street easily. They are very rude and selfish. I know Non-smokers hate smoke smell, also it's disgusting!!

I hope all smokers will(also me too) only smoke at allowed area.
someone(a smoker) can say at me'non of your business', I will say'you look like a rude monkey'.

Anyway everyone need to 'accept a thinking of others'.
Jane Jung
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Post by Jane Jung »

I don't think we Koreans should be proud that few women are seen smoking on the street (when men smokers are seen a lot), because what it implies is the inequality of the sexes in Korea, If smoking in public is a criticizable behavior, one must be criticized regardless of sex and the criticism must focus on the behavior, not their sex.

I know this kind of double standard is deeply rooted in our traditional way of thinking. But, at some point, we should stop to question ourselves whether it is all right to keep it that way. Traditions are something that has value in itself, but not all of them are worth preserving; some have its origin in very absurd reasons, and must be gone.

-hufs Jung Joo Ryung-
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Post by AvarianParakeet »

Interesting. I think that it is just a cultural thing. Parts of the United States are now making it illegal to smoke in public, enclosed places (restaurants mainly). I generally don't see many women smoking in public, but they also generally don't smoke in private. Smoking has been on the downturn for awhile and a lot of men find it unattractive just because of the physical aspect of it (bad teeth, smoky smell, etc.). Has they're been a strong anti-smoking movement? What about the social aspects?
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Re: Woman Smoking

Post by yana »

i agree with don't smoke on the public area.
I think smoke in the public area can negative effect, importanly to passive smoker. We are as passive smoker not smoke but we can get negative effect from active smoker. Example : we are inhale of smoke, it is not good from us lungs.

i hope, for smoker conciously to dont smoke in the public area and i also the smoker can stop to smoke.

O yeah, i have a problem about smoke. My father is active smoker. Maybe all of you have some tips to me to direct him decrease of smoke ?
(starbucks)Hong ji eun
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Re: Woman Smoking

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

yep! i also agree with your opinion. we need to respect both sides.
however, i think that we have to observe it's regular. there is a proverb ' when in Rome, do as the romans do '
like a proverb, although some of them are foreigner, they have to keep some regular. that is obligation to them i think.
Andrew Clere
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Re: Women Puffers

Post by Andrew Clere »

Jason M. Ham wrote:Interesting. Do you smoke? Have you ever had a negative experience smoking in public? How do you feel about smoking in general? Do you like guys who smoke, or is it a turnoff? :?:

Recently e cigs
have become very popular as they are deemed appropriate for smoking indoors. Nonetheless the “vapor” that comes out of them still makes me cough.
Ping Klein
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Re: Woman Smoking

Post by Ping Klein »

People who acquire a smoking habit seem like they can get relieved from stresses or anxieties. Nicotine can let smokers feel a temporary good. For the smokers they don't care what is going to effect their health after.
We all know that a long-term smoking habit would cause many health problems, such as, yellow teeth, bad smell, vague vision, dull hair, dry winkle sin, and breathing problem. The lung cancer percentage is very high in among the smokers. Ladies, I am sure you don't want yourself look much older than your age. There is no doubt that many of us try to stay in beauty as much longer as we can. And you don't want get a lung cancer, especially, you are a mother.
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Re: Woman Smoking

Post by Train »

I think nobody should smoke before reading about the penomet because it causes cancer and all sorts of other problems.
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Re: Woman Smoking

Post by Xarlina »

I don`t smock and all my colleagues too. We are a creative team of outsourcing writers from https://www.essay-company.com/essay-writer and we care too much about our health and health of surrounding people.
Once we even make a debate on this theme and found a lot of disadvantages and only a few advantages of smocking)
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