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Post by Parkjunghyun »

I have a female friend who had aborted her baby during high school. It terribly depresses her whenever she thinks of this. In Korea, abortion of unborn baby is illegal, but it is rampant practice among high school mom.
I want to know how other countries handle this.

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Re: Abortion.......

Post by kerachery »

How does the abortion process work? I am thinking of having an abortion, and I know what they are and everything, I am more wondering about the entire process. Do i have to get a physical? How many times do I have to see the doctor before the procedure? Do I have to do a follow up? Does it hurt afterward? How long do they make you stay after it's been done? Stuff like that.

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Re: Abortion.......

Post by James Trotta »

Not to run you off or anything, but I doubt you'll find any good answers to your questions here. We just want to study English and learn about other cultures beside our own.

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