Parcel delivery in Korea

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Parcel delivery in Korea

Post by Parkjunghyun »

I am proud of Korea because there is something special about Korean. One thing is that Korea has a culture called “Pali Pali”, which means “hurry up”. It doesn’t might seem good for someone. but it suit well in Korea and other countries. one example is parcel delivery in Korea, which deliver your package within 2 business days. I believe our tendency to be in hurry make it possible to have such delivery system.

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Re: Parcel delivery in Korea

Post by peacej23 »

Hi ~ I'm TESOL student in HUFS.
Finding a grammar error is my assignment, so hopefully you don't take offnece.
In your wring "but it suit" should be changed to "but it suits".
When it comes to the third person singular, you should add -s with the verb,
so this is over generalization.
Have a good day.

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Re: Parcel delivery in Korea

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Yes, I afree with you.
Courier service is very convenient.
So when buying I have been using almost Courier service.
I always hope the package come quickly.
Sometimes it arrived late, I feel frustrated.

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Re: Parcel delivery in Korea

Post by kelvin_56 »

When I was in States, I used to get it in few hours. I had used Delivery service Minneapolis from and they are quite good.

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