Is she a lesbian?

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Is she a lesbian?

Post by Panelope »

Hi,everyone. It's a long story of mine, if you have patient to see my story, please help to answer my question.
P.S if you are Korean, that will be really great.

I'm a Chinese girl.I have a question about my Korean friend.

We were classmates and best friends to each other.

One day, we were talking and walking on the street.

Then she suddenly told me that " I love you " in Chinese.

I was shocked for heard about that.

I asked to her what did you mean?

But her answer was "I know what does that mean" , and my answer was only "ok " .

Next day, we had a party in the park, she finally found me then asked me that where have you been? I have looked for you for a while.

After that, I have asked her about how to say " I love you " in Korean?

She answer me " sa na ha yo " , then asked me that " do you love me " ?

At that moment, I didn't think too much and thought that was a friendly question.

I answer her " sa na ha yo " , she looks very happy.

I wonder is she a lesbian?

Please help me ! Thanks a lot .

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Re: Is she a lesbian?

Post by boxcar »

It sounds like you may just have a unique and eccentric friend. :)

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Re: Is she a lesbian?

Post by James Trotta »

I'll see if I can get some Korean women to give you some insight. My classes start next week so please be patient.

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Re: Is she a lesbian?

Post by Sun-Yusun-Shul »

well..... I think it's hard to say your friend is normal.
But there's some girls who like to say out how much they like their friends or so....
your friend might be one of them. but if you don't feel comfortable saying that kind of things you should talk to her directly that it's weird to say such things to freinds. See how she reacts..

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