Religion in Korea

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Religion in Korea

Post by LostKimdongwook »

There are some cultures in Korea that I am not so proud of, and one of them is Christian cultures in Korea. Korea is said to have one of the biggest population of Christians in East Asia. I heard that the world’s biggest church is in Korea too. But I don’t think Korea has the best Christian culture.

I'm an atheist so I don't believe in god, but that doesn’t mean I hate religion or people who believe in god. On the other hand it is different for Christians. Sometimes when I walk around the streets of Myung-dong or Dong-dae-mun, I see people who are preaching in the middle of the road covered with red letters, screaming though their microphones, and singing religious songs. Some of those letters written in their clothing and what those people are preaching is very insulting. For example they say that we will go to hell if we don’t believe in god, we have to cleanse our sins by believing god. I once heard those people calling very offensive words against people who don’t believe, and that’s not even the worst part.

The worst part is that the people who should be the ones that embraces people are so narrow minded and are caught in side their little boxes. An easy example would be the case when Korean Christian people protested against Lady Gaga to stop her performance. The fact that I could see news articles about people protesting against a singer was so ridiculous it felt almost unrealistic to me.

I sometimes get the feeling that I might understand why those people act that way, maybe it’s because they want to share what they think is truly valuable or they want others to experience what they have experienced. But in Korea I feel some people have crossed the line. I don’t know how it is in other countries but I really think these kind of religious cultures are very unhealthy. I want to know what you guys think about religion I Korea.

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by James Trotta »

I'd say it appears unhealthy to Americans. In America the people who stand on the street corner shouting that the world is ending and we're all going to hell are generally thought of as completely insane.

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Re: Religion in the Middle East

Post by daniel »

In the name of GOD who is merciful and most compassionate.
In the name of GOD who is everlasting refuge.
Dear reader I am one of GOD believers ,who pray just one GOD. we call him ALLAH the creature of earth and skies and every beings in them and between them and I sense GOD in my life especially in hard situations ,when I'm left alone and nobody can help me ,except one,just GOD.not only in hard situation ,but also in every moment of my life in every breath I sense help and impact of him.I am mad lover of his prophets who they were complete humane in their centuries ,I'm mad lover of Moses ,jesus and the end prophet of ALLAH Mohammad (SA) .how in a period of time one prophet found a lot of fan, believers were mad,our ancestors were insane, no, actually in fact they plead some mark from prophet and then they show them some sign of GOD .why after Mohammad(SA) nobody didn't claim "I am GOD prophet" . yeah I am jewish and then christian and after those I am moslem . I believe to Quran it's so special ,I invited you to read and investigate it .and then vote about GOD ,about religion .then tell I'm atheist ,I'm unbeliever.
from every thing you can find and understand exist of GOD:
1)from orders in nature. 2) from your spirit which is in research for something immortal. 3)from every thing has result like this passage.
yeah its so important toward know and get information about rest of your life after death. what thing wanna to happen ,where is hell ,where is paradise.
invest about it ,this is short time ,tomorrow you are older and near to death.

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by (102)Wonjae LEE »

I totally agree with you. In korea, a church can be seen at every corner even on an 'ulleungdo' island. I'm not arguing it's wrong, but what i want to point out is that there is much corruption in churches. For example, some huge churches are 'sold' like buildings or stores.

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by Section 106 – You Hyun Woo »

I totally agree with your opinion.
I am Christian also, but in my way of thinking,
it is so ridiculous that the people who believe in God who is benevolent to every living soul misunderstand the words of god and even do a wrong thing.
However, it is also wrong idea that all of the Korean Christian does a thing in this way.
The only fact that I am distressed about is a few of wrong man of religion have ruined whole status and position of religion.

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by (101)KwangWook »

Indeed it is. The Christianity in Korea is quite ruined. They are trying to persuade people by threatening them and repeating their logics. The soul of christianity that has worked as moral rule in Europe more than a thousand year is disappeared in Korean church. I think it is known abroad, and there are some TV programs and movies talking about it calling it as "Korean Jesus".

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by (102) cho hye ryung »

I also agree with your opinion from the view of athiest.
I graduate from missionary high school and they forced me to attend to chaple or view some video clips about christian even if I'm an atheist and have no interiest in it.
I know there are good christians out there preaching in a healthy way and volunteering for the poor or the socially neglected without no interest in their own bebefits. However, some thoughtless christian are discracing the whole christian.
I think this kind of forcing the religion to others should be perished because the freedom to choose what religion is a right that belongs fully to the individual.

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Re: Religion in Korea

Post by Teddy »

I 'm happy to have the opportunity to talk about my God .. I'm a Christian ,Catholic .And ,I believe to one God on three call trinity . I believe to God the father who created all univers an everything was done by him, l believe to God the son who give his live by diying on the cross for my sins .I call him Jesus Christ the son Of the Virgin Mary .The blest mother of Jesus Christ who was choose by God himself because she was one example in her communauty by her action, her life ,her relationship with God the father and I believe to God the holly spirit who always give me the strength to keep my faith strong. Jesus Christ said my father and I we are the same person mean if you see Jesus you see God and underwise .So I believe because he loves me a lot to come die for my sins and after three days resurrect from the dead and when back to his father and is not all he will reserve me a place near to our father .my God i wonderfull because when he went back to his he didn't left me orphan he send me the holly spirit to protect me for the evil .the holly spirit who his God as well

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