University MT(Membership Training)

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University MT(Membership Training)

Post by Inha(39)LeeKyungMi »

Hi, Do you enjoy nice weather, recently?

I'd like to talk to you about membership training.

When a school begins in March, there are a lot of freshmen in every university.

MT, membership training is the chance that freshmen can meet a senior.

They cook, drink, enjoy game together in MT so that they can close to each other.

It could be a reason of succesful university life.

My friends in my major will go to the MT on this friday for one night two days.

I'd like to go but I can't.

How about you? Do you have a culture like this?

200721423 Lee YongNam
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Re: University MT(Membership Training)

Post by 200721423 Lee YongNam »

Most of university students like to enjoy the membership training.
Because they can close to each other quickly through some programs.
But there are some problems in the membership training.
The most important problem is drinking too much.
Some university students force to drink to other students who are a frashman.
I know it is a korea’s culture.
We can’t change the culture easily so that we should control it.
If we make a good membership training, most of them will join in that.

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Re: University MT(Membership Training)

Post by jieunjang »

My school also have membership training.
I really enjoyed it and made a lot of friends in there
However, in Korea , people drink a lot in MT.
So there were many accidents because of alcohol.
Just like questioner, I want to know if there is MT in other countries
and if there is, then what kind of things people do in MT.

Anyway in Korea most of University hold membership training for
freshmen. And without alcohol problem, many students enjoy it and it helps them to
make many friends in there.

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Re: University MT(Membership Training)

Post by viktorz »

Human organism need alcohol ))
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Re: University MT(Membership Training)

Post by (apple) ohseunghyun »

It is certainly true that you would be close to your fellow students after that field trip (MT).

But, in fact, I just do not still understand why many senior students in Korea give suspicious eye to someone who are reluctant to BOTTOM UP.

I'm not saying that ALL seniors do those things, however, some are definitely type of people who enforce someone to get happiness(?), i guess.

Sorry, I was being litle emotional.

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Re: University MT(Membership Training)

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

yep :) most of all went to membership trainning include me. af first, i did't like drinking. so MT was burden to me.
however, whenever i got there several times i feel comfortable because there are lots of my friends and seniors.
MT is so precious experience i think. although the period is short (1박2일), we can do lots of things like, 무궁화꽃이 피었습니다, 술래잡기 and so on.. so i like it!!

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University MTMembership Training

Post by bereWonse »

Thanks for the reply,
The University does not have a tube or pipe bender. is it worth it to invest in one in order to have a better final product?

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