What's your favorite midnight snack?

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Post by Inha(14)BanYoungJun »

when i was in hungary, i often went out to eat Ddock bok ki , traditional Krean food, at night.
it's really hot and spicy for forigners but it is totally ok for me.
its pretty easy to make ddockbok ki if every ingredient is prepared.
the first step is boiling water and just put some red chilly peppers in it.
after the water become hot enough, add other ingredients such as o-deng and vegetables.
at last, try to put some sugar and salt to make it delicous.

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My Favorite

Post by Inha(53)KoEunAe »

I love having some food at night. Noodle is simple and easy to cook.
So I ate noodle 3 or 4 times a week when I was a high school student.
As soon as came back home, I started to make it. Smells good!!
Nowdays, fried chicken and beer is my favorite.
Hot summer night, it's really awesome. yummy~
Cool beer and fried chicken is a well matched.
It's not good to make a shaped body because of calories and fats.
But I can't bear to have it. I'll love this combi forever & ever.

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Post by Inha(53)KimJongDeok »

My favorite mid night snack is chocolate cookies .
lt is really sweet when l eat them at night.
l can't wait to eat them in refrigerator until next morning.
Your curry noodle sounds really yammy.
l would like to try it when l hungry at night.
it will make me fat. but l will try it someday.

hufs Meg
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I love it~

Post by hufs Meg »

I often eat something at night even though I know that it makes me fat. My favorite midnight snack is a tuna-mayonnaise rice. It needs tuna, mayonnaise, seasoned laver, and Korean gochujang. Just mix it! It is not fatty and oily.Really delicious. :D Why don't you try this tonight?

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Post by Inha(25)JangHyunAh »

I love eating snacks at midnight, too.
And I think midnight snack is more delicious than another food.
But mostly it makes me more fat. :cry:
So resently I try to reduce midnight snack.
My favorite midnight snack is yangnuem chicken. :D
Maybe most people like eatting chicken same like me.
However chichen is very high calorie food.
If you concerned about health, you must eat chichen sometimes.

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Post by Inha(Ue108-039)YimTaiJai »

As everyone who likes noodle, i also like nooodle at midnight.

for me, zza-pa-ge-ti which is mild taste is more delicious than ra-myun which is peppery

of course, regardless of its kind, they make me fat :wink:

but i feel that za-pa-ge-ti is more dietery for reasons i couldn`t understand.

so, i`m cooking za-pa-ge-ti in now with rationalize myself.

oh, i heard noise that must be boiling pot sound.

i should go to the kitchen, bye. 8)

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I like midnight snack, too.

Post by Inha(42)KimEunHa »

I like midnight snack, too. ^-^ㅋ

My favorite midnight snack is a chicken when I have a enough money.

But, I usually eat instant noodle.

Because I don't have a enough money. :cry:

I'm worried about my body. ㅠ_ㅠ

But, I loved midnight snack than slim body. :)

Nowadays, I enjoy this ( Eating midnight snack!)
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Midnight Snacks

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Are midnight snacks really that popular in Korea? Is there a word for midnight snack in Korean? If so, what is it? I just ordered some Kyochon chicken last night at 11:30pm. They even deliver beer with it! It was awesome! I was happy that they delivered that late. Ten years ago, I don't think you could order food that late in Korea. Is fast food taking over? What are your thoughts on the subject? By the way, another favorite midnight snack of mine is Chic-choc chocolate chip cookies and milk. Oh yeah, Busho-busho is great too! :lol:

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Midnight snack

Post by Inha(39)Yoojaehoon »

I usally enjoy the Cup-ramen.

Because it's convenient, cheap and tasty.

I also like icecreams.

It's so delicious.

But they're too expencive and have lots of calories.

So I don't really have a lot of them.

And I sometimes make DDock-bock-i

I love it and I make it very tasty!!

But vegitables are so expensive, so I can't make it usually.T.T

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My favorite Midnight snack is instant-ramen too.

Post by Inha(42)KwonSuMin »

I like midnight snacks too. especially my favorite midnight snack is instant ramen. most of all it`s convinience and cheap and quick!
at midnight, I usually find midnight snack such as gim-bob, snack, ramen and fruit. ramen is most delicious food of them. so, I ate it last night. Mostly, I have Shin-ramen. I think it`s king of taste of ramen. I`ll have shin-ramen tonight too.

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A snack of 'winter'.

Post by Inha(42)KiSungKyung »

Winter is coming soon.
The street is lined with snack stalls.
Nowadays, I can see a fish-shaped bun among them.
This is a bread with red-bean. It taste sweet and soft.
As you know, there is no carp in the bread. ^^;;
Its price is very cheep.
If you pay 1,000 won for this, you can get 5 pieces.
Umm.. I'd like to eat that!!

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Re: I love it~

Post by jmilton088 »

hufs Meg wrote:I often eat something at night even though I know that it makes me fat. My favorite midnight snack is a tuna-mayonnaise rice. It needs tuna, mayonnaise, seasoned laver, and Korean gochujang. Just mix it! It is not fatty and oily.Really delicious. :D Why don't you try this tonight?
yeah ..i have try it it really nice.

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Re: What's your favorite midnight snack?

Post by Zorica3 »

I don't have the habit to eat at night,but like to treat myself at times with great toast sandwitch with ham, mayonnaise, red meat, and pickles. jammy! Brings some good memories from childhood, when brother and I ate at night and woke our parents every single time. Does anyone have some good memories related to this topic?

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Re: What's your favorite midnight snack?

Post by (Aplus) Lee Dae jae »

My favorite midnight snack is chicken!
I love to eat it.

Also the store open utill 1-2 in dawn so it is easily to buy chicken when I want to eat it. :D

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Re: What's your favorite midnight snack?

Post by (starbucks)LeeEugene »

lol :D
One of my favorite snack at midnight is "chicken" and of various kind of that, i like fried-chicken best because it is so crispy and sweet and i can get along with my friends in my dorm, eating that together.
But, the biggest problem it has is that it's too greasy and fatty, so when i get this at night, I always feel a sort of guilty and regret after eating.
but it's so attractive to me that i can't help eating chicken... :roll:

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