Knowing about computer pro-gamers?

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Jason M. Ham
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Korean Pro Gamers

Post by Jason M. Ham »

Why do you think Koreans are so good at computer games? Is it something having to do with culture? A lot of people from different countries and cultures spend a lot of time playing and practicing, but Koreans are the best by far. Some people won't even play against Koreans because they know they'll lose. How did you guys get so good at computer games? It's amazing! :lol: Does Korean culture foster computer game-skill development or something?

James Trotta
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Post by James Trotta »

Are Koreans best at World of Warcraft. I remember reading about some world championships but I thought that most of the contenders were from Europe or the US.

Personally, I'd like to know some secrets. I've only been playing for 2 months and sometimes I notice other players are much more skilled than I am...

(HUFS)Kim Sung Woo
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Post by (HUFS)Kim Sung Woo »

I think Korean people play computer games well becuase the games

are melted so well in Korean culture. Even though most of popular games

are from the U.S., people including teen agers are eager to play well

like that's kind of competition that they should never lose.

In order to victory, they should practice(not simply play them..) and

that became one of Korean people's common amusement.

Of course some benefit from the culture, but another one might

hurt because of being under stress of losing games, or addictions.

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Re: Knowing about computer pro-gamers?

Post by trity97 »

<Error analysis> Kong, Yangje

So they are like popular as movie star ---> movie stars or a movie star

I think it is a natural order error

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Re: Knowing about computer pro-gamers?

Post by ryuken »

Looks like old thread to me. But anyways, to comment on topic i can say that there are some good korean gamers.

200920489 park min ju
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Re: Knowing about computer pro-gamers?

Post by 200920489 park min ju »

I think Computer Pro-gamers are smart.
I'm not good at computer game, but I know some games like "StarCraft".
In doing that kind of games, gamers need strategy and sense.
It brings up the image of combat in San Guo Shi or something.
Are you good at that kind of computer gaams?
I want to do that someday.

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