My major

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Post by tribefan788 »

I'm a computer science major, and I enjoy it. I'm only a sophomore, so it isn't too difficult yet. The math courses, especially the upper level calculus courses, are the hardest for me, but I find them interesting. I really like the actually computer programming classes, but I'm not sure that I want to be a programmer for the rest of my life. Are you guys just taking classes directly related to your major, or do have to take some general classes too? I have to take a political science course and a literature course even though I'm a computer science major.

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Post by Inha(11)KimTaeWan »

My major is electric engineering. I like math, but sometimes I'm trouble in math.
My major is too hard for me, but I wanna study hard.
I think electric is important part of our life. So I'm proud of my major.
After graduate from university, I'll decide a company about my major.
Later, I hope that can contribute our society.

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My major

Post by Inha(25)OhMiJeong »

My major is korean education.
I learn linguistics, current literature, classical literature and so on.
Specially, I like novel. So I like that I attend novel subject.
My dream is a good teacher.
Mostly, My coure people's dream is a teacher.
I also minor in philosophy department. Philosophy is essential to learning.
There are the theory of knowledge, ontology and metaphysics, ethics and others.
And I like theory of knowledge and ethics.

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My major is...

Post by Inha(53)KimChanhyun »

My major is Japanese.

Generally, everyone may think that Language is speech.

But, Japanese can divide literature into history and so on.

Therefore students don't have to study only language.

Until graduation, there are students who can't speak Jananese.

They study histoy, literature so on except language.

But in my case, I study language, because I believe that it help me after graduation

Richard(113)Choi MiRiNae
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Post by Richard(113)Choi MiRiNae »

I have two major.
My first major is Management. My second major is Logistics.
Do you know Logistics..?

Logistics is that part of the supply chain process that plans,implements,and controls the efficient,effective flow and storage of goods,services,and related information from the point of orgin to the point consumption in order to meet customer's requirements.

so.. It's very difficult study.

The Artful Dodger
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Post by The Artful Dodger »

Richard(113)Choi MiRiNae wrote:I have two major.
My first major is Management. My second major is Logistics.
Do you know Logistics..?

Logistics is that part of the supply chain process that plans,implements,and controls the efficient,effective flow and storage of goods,services,and related information from the point of orgin to the point consumption in order to meet customer's requirements.

so.. It's very difficult study.
Hi, MiRiNae! It's nice to see you here.

You gave a good description of Logistics. So you have a double major? You said that it's very difficult, but you can do it. I've been teaching for more than ten years, and you are one of the best students I've ever had. You are my only student in Korea to know the term "Parts of Speech."

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Post by Inha(39)ParkSora »


My major is Statistics.
I loved math and science when I was in high school.
Math is very interesting because it gives correct answer.
My second major is management.
I think, managemental mind is really useful in life.
I'm interested in "Quality Control" a kind of study of statistics.
I want to hear various major of you guys.!

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Post by Inha53JinYoonJae »

I’m majoring in Physical Education.

I learn all kinds of sports which are in the text books for middle & high school students.

Some people think we learn only physical movements, but this is not true.

We learn many subjects such as Sports physiology, psychology, dynamics, sociology, statistics, pedagogy and etc.

We need to be familiar with the principles of movement for teaching students better.

So we would never be neglect the theory. It’s very important.

Most students majoring in physical education become teachers after graduation, but some of them go to graduate school or do the sports business.

I would like to be a teacher as well.

It’s been my dream since I was a middle school student.

To become a teacher I should take an examination and pass it, but it’s too competitive to be chosen.

The day of the exam is just tomorrow. How nervous~!! :shock:

But I’ll make it through~!!

Wish me lots of luck~! ^^

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Post by Inha(28)YouYoungchang »

I'm a jounior(3rd grade)

When I finished my millitary service I am really hopeful.

But I realized it is difficult that I got A+.

I got less then Av 3.0 despite of studyin hard.

So I didn't got a major I want

Nowday I think it is lucky for me.

now I decide my future, work & study hard

The 새옹지마 is not far from me.

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Post by Inha(39)ChoiDuYong »

My major is mechanical engineering.
When I was young, I was interested in aircraft and machine.
So i was selected mechanical engineering.
Generally, common people do not know what to do my major.
Mechanical means device has parts that move when it is working, often using power from an engine or from electricity.
Mechanical pronunciation is "역학" in korean.
Mechanical not only car but also whole engineering.
I think that major one of the most difficult study .
But I'm proud of my major.
And i hope good engineer.

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my major

Post by Inha(25)KangDaeMyoung »

My major is architecture. i study a structure. it is related to 'culture', 'national', 'linguistic' and socio ecoeconomic', etc. first of all, my greatest concern is related nature. because, city is consist of concreat and artificial pavement. i think this mean city is very desolate. it is very big issue in the present age of our city. i will combine artificial structure with nature, i think this is very important element future age. i think so.

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My major~

Post by Inha(57)KimDaeShik »

Hi~! everyone!!^^

My major is Physical education.

I'd like to become a teacher. So I entered Inha Univ. PE.

Our student's very kind but other student's look on P.E with a jaundiced eye.

I want to become intimate our class.

Have a nice weekend!! Bye~~^^

HUFS Jooyoung
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Post by HUFS Jooyoung »

My major is Vietnamese. I studied in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam, for 5 months. Vietnamese have 6 different tones, which was very hard for me to learn. And the pronounciation and the vocabularies differ from the North and South district, which was another difficulty to learn Vietnamese.

Vietname is a country that is being developed a lot these days. I think Vietnam have a lot of potentials to become a richer country. Because if this fact, lots of different Korean industries are now having their branches in Vietnam, and many foreiners are making investments in Vietnam.

Also, Vietnamese is still a very unique major in Korea. There are only about 4 universities that have Vietnamese department, and I heard that the Seoul National University is also planning to open Vietnamese department in the future. I think I made a fairly good choice when I was entering the university.

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Post by Inha(905)KimDaJung »

My major is aerospace engineering
It's similar to mechanical engineering which was explained in previous post by someone else. but It's also quite different in detail
especially, the objets are not the same.
aerospace engineering treats more moving things and of couse, the air planes
I have same dream that someone who believed human can fly has
When I was about 5. I've leaped down from a third story with a wrapping cloth.
my mather had been really shocked and picked me up on her back. ran to the hospital. but I was alright.
the way to go back, she asked me "Why did you jump off from the roof"
and I said "Mom, I just wanted to fly"
a few years ago, I had chance to heard this story from my mother.
then, she said "you are really stubborn, look at you, eventually you're studying to make air planes"
so now I'm really satisfied what I do

have you ever heard this sentence?
"But for one's crazy zeal, there is no big breakthrough."
I know nowadays many people choose their major just to have stable job or to earn more money. but I think the most important things is that
just like you guys having pride of what you major in and have enthusiasm for it. Let's cazy about it.^^

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Post by Inha(906)LeeGunJu »

I am in my senior year, majoring Economics..
Economics is a scientific study about the economic phenomenon.
Economics is one branch of social science. In the teaching material, there are so many graphs and equations. So it is hard to under stand.
So I think Economics is tough to learn, but important.

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