My major

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My major is...

Post by Inha(905)BaeHyunKyung »

My major is korean education.
When I was high school student, I wanted to become mathematics teacher.
That time, my favorite subject was math.
Otherwise, I was of little interest in korean.
So I received low score.
However, while I studied to repeat a college entrance exam, I took a great interest in korean.
At a course of subject, I study literature, korean grammar and so on.
Although it is difficult, I was studied hard korean.
Recently I love korean and I am amply satisfied with my major.
As soon as possible I want to become korean teacher.

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Post by Inha(905)KimHyeSun »

My major is Fashion Design & Textiles.
I was interested in art when I was a high school student.
So, When I enrolled at Inha University, I chose it myself.

I like my major. It's very interesting, and I’m fascinated by how clothes are made, by seaming, by how a woman’s body looks in it.

However, Sometimes it was so stressful that my health went bad.
Because the creation of clothes isn't easy. It's too difficult. :cry:

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Post by Inha(905)HongBongki »

My major is bioengineering.
It's very interesting.
When I was young I like animals.
And next, I have been interested in medicines for human.
So I choose this subject.
I learned about biology, chemistry, mathmatics, and process of bioengineering.
I like it!(But, my score is not good :( )

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Post by Inha(905)ChoMiJi »

I major in Education and have double majored in Korean Language and Literature.

my lecture room is located in the third floor of 서호관, like University English.

pedagogy and korean is very difficult. they are formed many abstract idea. :(

I`m interested in korean. korean is attractive, especially, classical grammar & literature absorbing me sometimes. but If I study deep into Korean, My opinion will be changed. :D

Most of classmate have minor in, double majored another subject.

It have advantage and disadvantage. We are take two degree, but we can take a few liberal arts.
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My majors is..~^^

Post by Inha(905)Yangheesun »

I have two majors.^^
My first major is Korea education.
When I was high-school student,
I don't like subject that involve in Korean.
Instead I like so much geography, expecially geography of world.
So I wanted to enter a university of geography of world.
But my parents recommended Korean education to me.
Finally I didn't enter a university of geography of world,
entered into present university. :(

Although this major is not my wantde thing,
I am very very satisfied with my major just now.

In our major, we study linguistics, current literature,
classical literature and so on.
These are so interesting to me.^^
And.. I want to be a good teacher.

Also, my second major is philosophy.
um...But, I don't recommad to you it.
Although this is my select, philosophy is so hard to understand.. 8)

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Post by Inha(906)YiJeongHyeon »

I major in engineering of new materials.
In my major, two big part is existed. Those are Metals and Ceramics
I more studied curriculum of ceramics.
Ceramic is very mystic material with studying hard.
Sometimes I have wanted to give up my major.
Also I still think ceramic hard, but I keep my ceramic road.

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Post by Inha(906)LeeDongHun »

My major is Computer Science Engineering.

Among the many kind of Computer Science Engineering,
I select the web-programming.

I work on the small company for developer.

And I make web-board, homepage, shopping-solution and etc.

It is hard work for me, but I like it.

I'll do my best for my job(major).

Daeun Lee
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Re: My major

Post by Daeun Lee »

i'm major in English Linguistics ! Though I originally wanted to major in business administration or advertisements, somehow I came here to learn linguistics. And in some way I’m satisfied and in the other ways I regret to choose this. As you see, I’m not good at English. Of course I like to learn languages so that I learned Chinese, Japanese, and even Arabic before. However, studying as an interest and as a major in earnest has a big difference. It becomes burdened to me.

I passed the university both major in English Linguistics and Advertisement. And I choose English Linguistics because English is the basis of all studies. I think it was good choice. Anyway I use English more than ever. We learned overall of the English, and especially Linguistic parts. It’s kind of academic study. We study practical English in the lower grades and academic English in the upper grades. And another option, advertisement is my minor so that in HUFS, I could learn English and Advertisement both. I will practice more and more until I could use English fluently :)

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Re: My major

Post by hatikva »

I have two majors first one in french and second one in international affairs. I really love languages, I speak spanish, french and italian. Therefore I decided that study french was a really good opportunity to get in touch with this culture I really liked. I even spent a year in France. When I returned home from my trip I though that studying international affairs could help me to find a better job as I already had this knowledge of romance languages. But when you choose to study international affairs you realize that you know a lot of everything and at the same time nothing at all. It means that you get many information of different subjects but you are not an expert on any field thats why I had to start my masters degree in project management... seems like I'll keep studying my whole life! :D

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Re: My major

Post by James Trotta »

I majored in English writing and literature with a minor in musical composition. Since I ended up teaching English I did a Master of Applied Linguistics. When I do my PhD I want to study something related to intercultural communication.

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Re: My major

Post by (102)TaeHyeon Lee »

Hi, I am TaeHyeon Lee.
My major is English Literature.
I learn British and American literature and author of these literature.

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