Cost of private education in korea

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Cost of private education in korea

Post by Inha(14)KimYoungSam »

Korean parent's ardor of education is so hot.

The reason is they were not well-educated so, they don't want to give like that situation to their children.

However, the problem is this goes out to increase the cost of private education. :?

Most of Korean parents spend their money to their children. The spending money to the private education's rate is so high. :shock:

Reflecting this, Korea's educational expense to GDP's rate rank is second place. :shock:

Also, Korean students studying in America's rate rank is third place.

Do you think that Korean student contributes to their parents effort?

I think this problem is important. :roll:

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Post by inha(108906)ParkHyunKook »

Training was great passion now.
It's like a child does not have a child.
Elementary school students, college students, much more than he felt.
The reality is that the studies are not playing with a child.
A child who seems too difficult.
Parents are also difficult.

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Post by Inha(905)ChoMiJi »

I agree.

private education problem is very serious.

Rich people invest a lot of money to their children`s education. :(

Its amount of money is unimaginable.

It has increased in gap between rich and poor. :(

It is unfair.

Wealthy parents is not selected. We have no choice in this matter.

But We don`t prohibit all private education.

I hope we can reach a solution.


Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by EunsolPark »

I think we should decrease private education.

According to Korea National Education Center in 2005 said that a normal family spends money
more than 300,000 won a month for their children's private education. This shows that Korea
has very high rate of private education and people are frequently using it. It can be problem because
students don't pay attention to thier students at shcool. They can catch up later at their private
institution. I heard that some students often sleep at school because they stay up late at their private
instituion. We should find an effective way to focus on regular schools not private institutions.
Because people pay a lot of money to private institutions. Therefore, I think we should
decrease private education.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by HUFS So Young Lee »

I think private education is neccessary for students.

According to the statistics from the National Statistical Office,
last year, 87.7% of the well studying students who were in the top 10% in Korea had private education
while only 51.6% of the students who were in the bottom 20% in Korea had private education.
The statistics show that students with better grades tend to have more private education than students with poor grades.
This means students can study better and understand more by having private education.
If private education can give positive effects to students, private education should be encouraged.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by jieunjang »

I really agree to your opinion!
Cost of private education in Korea is too high!
Most of students and parents think private education is important
becuase most of students take private education for their weak subjects.

Cost of pricate education is high because many people want it.
They just want high scores and if they can get high scores, then
they dont care about money !
So many rich people spend too much money on it and naturally
the cost increase.

To solve this problem, Korean government have tried many things
but sill it dosen't work at all.

Cost of private education in Korea is really a problem and
I think only one solution is increasing public supported education's quality.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by shazichapi »

Very informational and educational as usual!

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by 102 Jun Kyoung Ah »

I think the fundamental cause of private education problem is "distrust" to the public education.
I was the student of public school and took the extra curricular at the same time. But the reason I choose the extra curricular course came from the distrust to the public education. But It was totally my misunderstanding and wrong prejudice against the public education. What we learn from at the school can satisfy students needs, but most of the students and their parents don't want to accept this. So they just find some private education and willing to pay high tuition for them. For blocking this situation, we need to show our public education is how strong enough. And have to make the students and their parents trust public education, then we can reduce the private education market.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by kaylaleitzinger857 »

Households spent 290,000 won ($255) monthly in private education costs per preschooler on average last year, the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) said Thursday.

The figure comes from a survey the education office conducted on 1,427 households in Seoul. Figures comparable with the previous years were not available.

As fees for art, piano and taekwondo lessons were excluded from the survey, the actual cost of private education could be much higher.

Choi Sang-chul, a 34-year-old office worker living in Seoul, spends about 1 million won per month on private education for his two children, saying it is the heaviest burden in his household budget.

“It’s quite a burden to send them to kindergarten and cover education costs,” Choi said. “But the real problem is the expenses for education will get higher as they get older.”

According to the report, an average household spent 420,000 won for a child in elementary school and 568,000 won for a middle school student.

The report also said the financial and educational status of parents was the key factor determining the expense of private education in household budget, saying the richer and more educated parents are, the more they spend on private education for their children.

The report shows households with a monthly income of less than 1.9 million won spent 245,000 won for private education per child per month while those who made over 6 million won spent 800,000 won.

In the family where fathers only hold a high school diploma the average was 370,000 won while those with a bachelor’s degree spent 720,000 won a month.

Although parents spend a considerable amount of money on the education of their children, they are reluctant to be in contact with the teachers.

In the survey, about 57 percent of the respondents said they talk to teachers of their children once a semester. About 28 percent said they don’t visit the school and contact the teacher personally, and only 1.2 percent said they visit the school once a month.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by (107)YeeunKim »

I think the private education in Korea should be lessened in the future. From their earlier age, the children have to the highly expensive institutions to fulfill and meet the satisfaction of the parents. Sometimes they resist to go their, but their parents oblige them to do so not even giving time to just go out and play spend some precious time with their friend. I think these are the things really important to live and work in their adulthood, living as a very normal and happy person. When i taught little kids who spent enormous time in the institution I discover very often that the children are mentally-distracting and they are suffering the pression of studying.

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by (102)YangChulJoo »

Yeah I think korea is country that pour one of the most money on education. I think we need actuall solutions. And yes, most of the poeple in the Gangnam place go very good univerisities because they teached by well-known teachers. I think parent's money have a lot of effects on son's university

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Re: Cost of private education in korea

Post by Jun-Hyung-Noh »

Why do you say that korean parents are not educated well? I think whether the parents are well educated is not related directly to the cost of the private education. And their passion to the private education for their children is natural phenomenon. Korea is behind the eight ball to hold a dominant between world. So I think thanks to the passion of korean parent's education for their children, korea can survive from the combat of world competition

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