part-time job.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by EunsolPark »

I think students should be encouraged to have many part-time jobs.

I wil take my example. I hadn't had any part time jobs when I was a freshman. But since
when I became a sophmore, I have had variety of part-time jobs. I teach English to
middle school students and attened many international forums to interpret english to korean.
I think this made me to grow better and see real world outthere. If I didn't have any part-time jobs
and just study at university, I'm sure that I could not have many experiences that I have now.
I think any part-time jobs can give you experiences that you cannot have in university.
Therefore, I hink students should be encouraged to have many part-time jobs.


Re: part-time job.

Post by minjung1 »

When we apply for a job, part-time job such as tutoring is not counted as a work experience.

But tutoring is also part of work experience regarding the case we apply for private schools or something similar.

I think tutoring should be respected as a job experience.

Tutoring someone requires lots of patience and efforts.

It will be very unfair that tutoring experience is not counted when appying for another job.

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Post by octau73 »

Inha(39)LeeYounHee wrote:I'd nerverhave real part time job.
I just help my father and friend and get some (little) money.
But I did tutoring.
To tell the truth in korea, university students can do tutorring very easily.
And it cost higher than part time job.
But I don't think it is good.
University students don't feel a sense of responsibility.
They just want to get some money.
I think it's big problem.
Hello, my names is Han Sungoak(201052184), who is taking TESOL cours in HUFS. I would like to change some things in your writng as a homework.

I have never had a real part time job. I have helped my father or my friends and gotten some money from them.
But I did tutoring ago. To tell the truth, It is very usual and easy for university students to do a private tutoring. And also its payment is higher than any other part-time job. But I think it isn't good. Because university students don't know responsibility for that job at all. They want just to get money. I think it is a big problem in our socity.
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Rachelle Koo
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Re: part-time job.

Post by Rachelle Koo »

<Error Analysis>
example is serving, polishing dish, filling dish, cleaning and so on.->For example, I serve food, polish dishes,...
(L1 transfer, simplification)

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Re: part-time job.

Post by peacej23 »

Hi ~ I'm TESOL student in HUFS.
Finding a grammar error is my assignment, so hopefully you don't take offnece.
In your wring "I start part time job" should be changed to "I start a part time job".
The article is missing in this sentence, so this is natural order.
Have a good day.

happy Yiwen -Wang
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Re: part-time job.

Post by happy Yiwen -Wang »

Before I came to korea ,I have never done a part-time job.Because In china, there are not so many part-job opportunities for students. It's been 2 years since I came to Korea .I have done many kinds of part-time jobs which make me stronger than before.I remember my first job was in a restaurant where made me extremly exhausted.In korea,the pace of life is really fast that it is common to hear words like quickly,quickly.I was always fired when I worked for the restaurant for the reason that they think that I was slow ,that made them tired.
My second part-time job was working in an international language center .I enjoy that work that was to help international students to solve problems.I think that do part-time jobs can let us become more and more mature.

200920489 park min ju
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 200920489 park min ju »

I have part-time job in cafe.
In there, I make drink and serve some food.
I also take orders, so sometimes there are a lot of people, I should run this way and that.
There is especially hard thing in part-time job. To me, it is to face customers.
What is the most hard thing in your part-time job?

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Re: part-time job.

Post by 201020196kimhyeseung »

I've never once part-time job.
When you do something this summer to try to achieve that going to do?
Look around guys do not earn much money I'm worried about working late hadeunde difficult.
I hear it's wonderful restaurant a hard job. ^ ^
But your body healthy is essential. Part-time job, do not eat well, do you work so hard.
Cheer up. Fighting!

200920459 DongYoon
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 200920459 DongYoon »

Oh! I'm good to hear that.
I work part-time job in vietnam restaurant and I like there.
Especially I also love co-workers.
I agree with you. As I work part-time job, I gain many things.
For example manner, work style, personal relationship, work culture, and so on.
Actually, I will change my part - time job.
This job is the third.
I think many experiences are good to me.
How about you?
Where do you want to do part - time job next time?

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Re: part-time job.

Post by 201020865JooDanbi »

I just do the part-time job in short time.
I worked in the coex.
I met a lof of people and that is very fun to me.
of course, sometimes, I met persons who are very sensative. that case, it was very hard to deal with that person.

201020491 Nam Hak yeon
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 201020491 Nam Hak yeon »

kkk hello~
i also have a part time job like you.
i work as a part-timer in Kraze burger.
Do you know Kraze burger? I serve customers and wash the dishes.
Unlike you, i feel that it is very hard.
I think this job doesn't suit me. So i'm searching a new part-time job now...

200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 200420011 Kim Do-Hyoung »

Part-time job that is very difficult.

Of course, simply to earn some money for personal and social experience ahreubaeuteu job and has advantages.

However, students living and engagement in part-time job positions that the parties can be a very big burden.

So, I think moderation is the most important.

Part-time job should not be enough to put pressure on the study.

Frankly, if possible, parents' money to finish school is considered a blessing. Do you agree?

200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 200820791 Hwang Kwang-Ik »

i did many part-time job.
Indian restaurant, Buffet, wedding hall, book publishing center, board game cafe etc..
i don't want rely on parents so do part-time job on weekend
it's sometimes hard to me .. because i want to play at weekend!
but you can learn a lot at pare-time job.
and you will be happy when receive a salary !!

200921536 Choi hae yeong
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Re: part-time job.

Post by 200921536 Choi hae yeong »

Now, I don't havea part-time job.
But, I had a lot of part-time job.
I think part-time job is makes me tired and hard,
but part-time job has many benefits, because part-time job experience many social situation.
So, I'll get a par-time job during the summer semaster.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by jieunjang »

I have never done part-time jobs before
However, I usually do tutoring.
I started tutoring because of my younger brother.
He was really bad at stuying so my mother warried a lot.
Terefore, I started to teach my younger brother and his friends.
4 of his friends also wanted me to teach them English and Math.
I am not good at English but I am much better than them, so I could teach them English.

It was great chance for me to earn money and also learn many teaching skills.
I made my own materials for teaching so I can use for other tutoring.

Right now, I want to do other part-time jobs.
Tutoring is great but I want to do other things becuase I am young.

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