part-time job.

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Daeun Lee
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Re: part-time job.

Post by Daeun Lee »

Last summer, i served at a tiny:) japanese restaurant at sin seol dong. It was my first part time job so that i was very nervous at the first time. However, a chef and boss was graduated HUFS and then he really treated me kindly. First few weeks, i just served food or got orders and then a months ago, the boss taught me how to cook some simple foods such as hot noodles or a bowl of rice topped with sushi and pork cutlet. Though I was afraid of fires, finally i overcomed :)

The most impressive thing i did in there was tearing a razor clam to shred, which was most time-consuming process. The shred razor clams were using in japanese roll, and because that menu was the store's favorite, sometimes i had to do that process twice in a day. Except that, most things to do was not that hard. Even the chef helped dish-washing. And sweeping was another part-timer's job.

Through this short experience during 2 months, I learned the value of money and met good people :D

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Re: part-time job.

Post by Nelly »

Well I think that doesn't matter if it is a part or full time...job its a job! I am glad of all of us because we have a job and we are working to obtain money! The money its already done all you have to do is work to obtain it! Good Luck to everybody and keep working don't be a loser ;-)

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Re: part-time job.

Post by Jobsearch04 »

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Re: part-time job.

Post by Eagle-Lucy »

Wow~ there are lots of works you have to do there!
It seems that you are excited to get the job because it's your first time to work as a part timer. I've been a barista in Angle-in-us-coffee for 5 months. It wasn't hard that too much, but sometimes I got discouraged when I made mistakes. I hope you wouldn't make the same errors in your job~ :P
Ashley is one of my favorite restaurants, and I think it is good to hear that you met kind co-workers. Cool :)

102 Jun Kyoung Ah
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Re: part-time job.

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I've been worked at the hotel restaurant like you. It was short term work, so I worked there only one day but I felt like I worked whole month. I mean it was really really really hard work and make me so tired. I carried 5 dishes on the tray at once, and it was awfully heavy. It was my first job which have to face the cusomers directly, so I was too nervous and made some mistakes. I felt very embarrassed but other fellows helped me quickly, so I finally had a minute to breathe. It was hard work physically, however during this one day I learned valuable things a lot. I could learn how to pour wine in the glass formally, and table setting rules and manners when we have dinner at the important meeting. Besides I could have the ability to accommodate myself to circumstances. I was happy when I got payment, but I think this experience is much expensive than that money.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by (Aplus)BaeDaeHyun »

I had also worked as part-timer the year before.
But, I had worked in a brand coffee shop, Pascucci.
It is tough for you to work in buffet. And my works were not different.
Although it maybe hard to work, there is the saying, "No gains without pains.".
Cheer up!

(Starbucks)Cho Yoon Jeong
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Re: part-time job.

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I did my part time job as a teacher for about like a month. I taught English to elementary kids.
It was quite easy for me to do because all I had to do was talk to them in English (very easy-peasy because they only want short and basic sentences! haha) and teach them some words that are essential in English like dinner, lunch or something.
Despite that easiness, pay was quite good for it was categorized as 'education'.
I am not doing that job nowadays because of the school, but I really am planning to do it again at vacation. SUCH A GREAT JOB XD!!

(starbucks)Hong ji eun
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Re: part-time job.

Post by (starbucks)Hong ji eun »

well, i don't have any experience in part-time job. so i am planning to do part-time job.
like your case i wanna do lots of thing like washing the dishes, serving and counter and so on..
however i think that will be very tired. but i think that is the one of the experiences of society. so this experience will be so precious to you and me .

(102)SeongEun Park
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Re: part-time job.

Post by (102)SeongEun Park »

I started first part-time job in my mother's noodle restaurant.
I worked very easily because my mom always with me.

(102) cho hye ryung
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Re: part-time job.

Post by (102) cho hye ryung »

I also once had part time job in a coffee shop and it was really tough to work there. However, through that experience I learned that money is hard to gain and realized the importance of saving money. Although I was very tired and exhausted at that time, it was valuable time to learn these lessons.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by (107)YeeunKim »

I had several part time job in the past semesters. Actually working experiences were really harsh sometimes together doing it while studying. i have taught several kids in the form of 'tutoring', like giving advice to their subject method, sometimes teaching the specific subject they don't really understand. In addition, i also had worked for the statistical company, which just requires to type the numbers during the working-period. It was very easy, but the repetition made me very boring and sometimes stressful. So i found that part-time job for students is sometimes very difficult to do with their study.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by (101)Limseounghoon »

I think the tutoring is most common part-time job for university students. However, I recommand not to do it. Because I also agree that it is the easiest way to earn money for the students but it did not give much experiences that others can give. I think surely the purpoes of part-time job is earning a money but we should consider the other parts too

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Re: part-time job.

Post by sacha »

I had a part-time job, was a new experience for my because I never before been worked a part-time job. Was in a rental car, my task was taken the returned dirty car and leaved in the car wash. Wait while the person in charge to clean the cars do it his task, the drives has had park the other clean cars. That kind of job look easy and relax but really not is. The rush day rental the boss was always stressed and aloud to the employees hiring the clean cars. Was nightmare, on high season the drives do not have time to take a break, the lunch time was a rally time. A really nightmare for me. On low season the work hours was minimum and the boss send us to home early, by this reason our wage was under the minimum. For a head of house a part time job is not a solution.

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Re: part-time job.

Post by ama »

I haven't work part-time before I got married, but when you have kids and a house to look after, part-time job is a good option. I worked part-time as a hair stylist for three years and it was really helpful because I could earn some money and still keep the house organized, also help my daughter with her homework. I moved to another state and at my new place, I got a job right away. The first week that I was working a pain in my left arm appeared. After a visit to the doctor I found that I can't work with hair anymore, or if I continue doing hair, I may get arm injure in a long run.

I think that I need to consider to change my career. :cry:

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Re: part-time job.

Post by Jun-Hyung-Noh »

Yeah, I've also had a part-time job. But my experience was not that good for me differently from your experience. I have worked in a bar near my university. And there, I could have a chance to reflect myself through looking the behaviors of many university students. They shout loudly and spit in the floor. I get hurt by the soju glass that was broken by someone. Actually I don't want to have another part-time job in the future.

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