Say hello to people who are learning English vocabulary and grammar online. Tell us who you are, where you're from, why you study English, etc.
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Hello everyone I am pehchaan 23years old. I am residing at Lahore. I did my masters in physics. After getting 16 years of education , I am still unable to write an article in English fluently and error and grammar free. I am much worried about my english. So I found this platform where I can improve my English . I have lot of ideas and opinion in my mind . But I face great difficulty to note down at paper. I want to become a physicist as well as a writer.

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Re: introduction

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Hi my name is reet and i am a canadian resident and current not not working as i have to take care of my 2 little kids.the only problem i am facing is with the grammar, as i makes so many mistakes in grammar so I wanted to improve it so that I could speak perfect and fluent English some day with confidence . As I told earlier that i am full time house wife currently so I decided to utilize my time to do something beneficial for me and what would be more beneficial in canada than having great and fluent command over your English 😀, that y i am here today.

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