Introducing myself

Say hello to people who are learning English vocabulary and grammar online. Tell us who you are, where you're from, why you study English, etc.
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Introducing myself

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I am Ricardo Montances , 53 years of age a Filipino citizen single and I'm working in Dubai as hair stylist aside from my profession as hairstylist my other skills are massage therapy , caregiver, and I love cooking it is my hobby and I'm a type of person a hard worker and home body and nature lover. I want friends who have a singing talent. I have a simple dreams in my life , to have my own simple house and clean living have a sweet , honest, thoughtful partner in life, my educational attainment is high school graduate, since my parents had no enough money to continue my study in College I'm trying to learned how to speak a simple English language but I know to my self I am not good in English communication , that's why I need your help to fulfill my simple dreams to communicate to other people especially in my clients to be an effective hair stylist consultant.

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Re: Introducing myself

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Welcome :D

I would like to visit Dubai one day! Have you experienced much culture shock in your new country?

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