Medical Terminology

English vocabulary words in a biological or medical context.
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Medical Terminology

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It is very interesting to learn a medical terminology if you really get to know the Latin words that medical terminology is mostly derived from.

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Re: Medical Terminology

Post by Dedimanullang »

Yup You are right that's nice to learn

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Re: Medical Terminology

Post by Anas »

well, I'm a medical student and once I raed a medical terminology book it's really helpfull and I think in some medical schooles they teach it like any other subjects.

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Re: Medical Terminology

Post by Micheal21 »

hi .... well i think that medical language" in Czech and all medical terms and diagnosis are noted in Latin. However I also learned lots of grammar and other extra stuff that was not necessary for my profession.

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Re: Medical Terminology

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The medical recruiting process is continually evolving and changing, but certain key elements are always true and never change. First, facilities will always need staff. Second, staff will always need facilities to work. All the medical staffing agencies are essentially doing the same thing.

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