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Vocabulary words used to communicate about the net, hardware, software, etc.
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blog & vlog

Post by hongyohan »

"blog" is a term used for an online diary. It is shortened from "web log".

Blogs can be used for many different things and have many genres. Nowadays, people can get paid writing stuff on their blogs.

Besides blog, there's also "vlog" which is a video diary. You can find a lot of these on YouTube, where people make videos on their daily lives or talk about interesting things, etc. Also like the blog, you can make money by uploading vlogs on sites such as YouTube.

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Re: blog & vlog

Post by chloe12 »

There are also "Podcast" in blogging. Today, blogging is an activity where they can express, share their experiences on things. It is a good "stress-reliever".

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Re: blog & vlog

Post by johnhodges »

blogging is only useful if others read it and the topic is interesting. A personal blog is not likely to get much attention. I prefer posting in forums. :)

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Re: blog & vlog

Post by philipsteele »

now its said to be blogging and the person who played with this called too a blogger...i am very interested with blogging of my travelling and adventurous journey...:)


Re: blog & vlog

Post by lottomillions99 »

Blog or Weblog is an online diary. In this we can make post daily and users who follow our blog or others tell our views about our post. Mostly blog is related to a particular topic such as web design blog, real estate blog and many other things. Now a days, many organization and companies uses blogging to advertise and spread your business and daily update about your new products and any other things. I am also a blogger. Vlog is a video diary.

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