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â–ª Spin-off: It originally means a side-effect or by-product but in terms of TV programs or movies, it has following meanings:
1. A film, TV program, book or series based off another series.
2. A series character getting their own series after the first series is completed.

Ex) The show “Joey” is a spin-off” of “Friends”
Ex) The movie “Tin MAN” is a spin-off” of “The Wizard of Oz”

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Re: Spin-off

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I now know what you mean by spin off. I for originally thought that you were talking about content here and spinning content off to change it so it won't be counted as a duplicate content for the search engine. My colleagues and me as well from cheap assignment writing service use that spin off but the one that you put forward can also be used as the continuation of previous shows.

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