Enfant terrible

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Enfant terrible

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â–ª Enfant terrible: It originally means someone who stirs things up in an irresponsible or indiscreet way or has unconventional ideas.
But nowadays it also means a young talent or new face that has little experience yet is strikingly unorthodox, innovative, and/or avant-garde so that
it can almost overturn the original system, and brings a totally new idea or system to the culture and entertainment world.

It came from the French novel Les enfant terribles by Jean Cocteau, in which enfant terrible are described as young generation who defy conventional ideologies.

Ex) Pedro Almodovar, the Spanish director won Oscar for best foreign film which gave him the reputation as the enfant terrible of European cinema.
Ex) Bollywood’s enfant terrible filmmaker, Salman Rushdie’s recent film has been drawing more than 10million at box offices nationwide in just 2weeks,
however it has been subject to severe criticism by the movie critic for challenging traditional arranged marriage system.

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