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The "climax" is the most intense part or the highest part of a song or a part in a drama/play.

ex.1) I love to listen to this song from the beginning to the end because I love how the song builds up at first and when it reaches the climax it puts me to tears.
- There are many songs that tend to be soft in the beginning, but as the song progresses forward, there is a part where it reaches an intense climax.

ex.2) The climax of the play was the final fight scene with Herbert and Jerry because it was so intense and violent.


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In general, a climax (from the Greek word “κλῖμαξ” (klimax) meaning “staircase” and “ladder”) is a point of greatest intensity or force in an ascending series; i.e., a culmination. The term "climax" has many specific connotations and uses in English.

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absolutely climax is the important part...:)

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Climax is a very common word in drama or play. It is the highest part of any drama or play.

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climax is the part that will make anything to completeness...lack of a better climax will lead to incompleteness......... :idea:

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Climax is the best part of drama.

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Climax is the soul of a drama or a movie. If there is no climax then there is nothing to watch in that drama or movie.

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Climax is an important part in own way . Without climax , movie or drama is nothing .

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absolutely,that is right

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