Green Belt

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Green Belt

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"Green Belt" is any stretch of land and natural green space around neighboring areas.

Green belts are heavily restricted to help keep and protect the natural environment.
It also beneficial to us as it keeps the air cleaner and provides better air quality compared to the cities.
It is a great way to get some exercise such as walking, camping, and biking.

ex.1) Mr. Feeny's $1 million house has a large beautiful green belt nearby where he often walks around and takes photos.
ex.2) If it wasn't for the policy, I would have turned this enormous green belt into a golf course.

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Re: Green Belt

Post by ryjester21 »

Finally, I know the meaning of Green Belt. Philippines' got a huge mall named after it. Have a great day ahead! :D


Re: Green Belt

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Thanks for sharing this great one.

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Re: Green Belt

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This is really nice to have the well and elaborated mean of "green belt".
Green belt is really beneficial and great to have at the roadsides,houses backyards and in the parks.

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Re: Green Belt

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It was really helpful. Even I was searching for green belts, but didnot get any particular specific meaning for it. Finally I got it.

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