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We finally reach at decimals.
Decimals are often divided into 2 groups
One is "indefinite decimals", another is "definite decimals"
Definite decimals literally mean decimals which have limitation such as 0.25
Indefinite decimals are also have 2 groups.
One is "recurring decimals", another is "non-recurring decimals".
recurring decimals can change into fraction. For example, you can call 0.33333.... as 1/3. They are the same.
On the other hand, for example pi, does not recur. And it cannot be changed into fraction.
To summarize, indefinite decimals plus definite decimals consist of decimals. And, indefinite decimals include
non-recurring decimals as well as recurring decimals

ex1)The calculation error was due to a misplaced decimal point in the computer program. (BBC)
ex2)calculate down to three places of decimals. (Naver)

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