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go dutch

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http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index ... 919AANLUyN
Am I doomed to cheap guys who want me to go Dutch?(Split bill/give them money)?
Now I am going to get a lot of nasty comments on this but I am going to put this out there anyway. I don't give a **** what the haters think.

I remember dating 2 rich guys in my lifetime but they never did anything for me. And it seems to pain them when the check came and I felt so undeserving. Later I heard that these 2 rich guys splurged heavily with other girls. Paid their rent, trips overseas, bought them clothes while the most I got was movie and pop corn.

Now I only attract broke dudes. I am seeing (I can't say dating because he never took me anywhere) a broke dude and all he wants is sex. Broke *** sex is better than no sex at all right? But it does leave me feeling like ****. I feel so ugly yet I know deep down I am not. If I want to go to Applebee's I end up paying or I will just have to go by myself. So embarrassing when the waiters seem confused when he says "Er... table for ONE you say?"

So my question is for RICH guys (hopefully they have time in their hectic life to look at Yahoo Answers LOL! Here is my simple question to the RICH only---"Have you ever taken out a girl and NOT want to spend money on her?If so what are the top THREE reasons you did not want to spend a dime?

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Re: go dutch

Post by 하주형 »

Lot's of girls do not like to go dutch on a first date with a guy.

Kyong Min
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Re: go dutch

Post by Kyong Min »

My friends and I usually go dutch when we go out to eat.

Goeun Jeon
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Re: go dutch

Post by Goeun Jeon »

Almost always I and my friends go for dutch when eating out together. When we do not go dutch, it's because one of us involuntarily didn't have enough money. In that case he or she can pay next time. I've always lived in this way that I can't understand the idea that someone often pays for the other. In my opinion it's not good for anyone, because the treated person could feel indebted and the paying person having the privilege of having their way because of that.

Yun Heejeong
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Re: go dutch

Post by Yun Heejeong »

My friends always go dutch whenever we eat something.

Han Dong Geol
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Re: go dutch

Post by Han Dong Geol »

My friends doesn't like to go dutch. They say it feels like they are not intimate.

Yang Seung-Hoon
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Re: go dutch

Post by Yang Seung-Hoon »

I thing going dutch is not common for Koreans.
And dating payment is usually on the man.

lee geo wool
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Re: go dutch

Post by lee geo wool »

I usually go dutch with my friends.

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Re: go dutch

Post by SeokhyunHong »

I'm not used to going dutch because it goes against my manhood

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Re: go dutch

Post by leesso »

I got used to go dutch with friends when I stayed in the states.

Jae Eun Cho
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Re: go dutch

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Many Korean women think that man should pay for a date but in my opinion, a couple should go dutch unless they have a job.

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Re: go dutch

Post by 한지웅 »

I really thought that a friend of mine was a selfish when he asked me to go dutch even though I paid for our dinner last month.

Bo-kyung, yoon
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Re: go dutch

Post by Bo-kyung, yoon »

A guy who goes dutch at the first meeting is not cool.

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Re: go dutch

Post by ryjester21 »

It is not only guys who go dutch, even gays. :)

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Re: go dutch

Post by BaRo0o »

actually i did not recognize exactly what go dutch means :|
I hope u please to explain it more

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