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If you want to submit an article for possible publication on one of my blogs, there are a few things I should tell you about blogging.

First, a good blog article is very personalized. The author needs to share his/her thoughts and feelings on the topic. The author needs to talk about their own personal experiences. Do you see the personalizations I put into this blog entry: ?

So the article can be based on an experience (like the one I link to above), a Youtube video, an article, a picture, or whatever. But no matter what the article is about it has to have your personal voice - it has to be an article that could only come from you because you're the only one who would personalize it with your exact expereinces, thoughts, opinions, etc.

Just to give you another example, this one is based on an article:

Of course I link to the article and summarize the article but there's also some personalizing going on. Notice all the times I use "I". I've heard one thing about Paris but I experienced another. I didn't know they had squat toilets in Turkey or elsewehre in Europe. Notice also how I share some of what I do know - the article talks about toilets in Europe but I know something about toilets in Asia so I share that information. The blog entry can't be just a summary and a link. It has to be a link, a summary, and some discussion. The discussion has to be the author's voice and contain the author's personalizations.

So give writing a blog entry a shot - even if you never get one published you'll at least be using your English!

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Re: Blogging

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This 'Make up and Beauty' Blog is all about cosmetics. I searched blogs about cosmetics, which is one of my interests, and found this blog. The author is a freelance writer who really loves cosmetics. I chose this one because it's really BIG and famous - so has public confidence. In Korea, the most blogs are made by the program offered by Naver, so the forms and outlines are all similar. So when I found this blog, it seemed unique and unfamiliar. In this blog, there are categories named Beauty Tips, Drugstore Beauty Finds, Face of the Day (FOTD), Fragrance, Hair, Makeup Tips/How To, Makeup Tools, Nails, Skin Care.

At first I really liked this page because she mentioned that 'Makeup and Beauty Blog is provided for general informational purposes only and the opinions expressed here are hers and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group.' So I thought she was not writing for any cosmetic company and not paid for her writing, and that's why her postings seemed more impartial. But I found out that she actually inserted many advertisements in her blog, and even got a page for paying fees for advertisement.
( ... beautyblog)

But I had a second thought that the fee for advertisement would be helpful for her to buy new cosmetics and upload postings about them. And she tries the cosmetics on her face, hair and even on nails so we can clearly see the true color the cosmetics have when they are put on. (Sometimes the color of the nail polish in the container is distorted because it's in high concentration.) I really want to meet the author because she is expert in describing the color and fragrance of the cosmetics as well as putting them on. I will continue to read this blog because it has so many information that the information of almost every cosmetics is here, and I actually plan to buy a nail polish that I first saw on this blog.

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Re: Blogging

Post by Sun-Jinahkim »

Once a blog name was “Young, fat and fabulous” and it has changed to “GABI FRESH”. The bloger is Gabi Gregg who’s 23, from Detroit and a size 20. This blog is full of fashion. There’s news on plus-size ranges and practical style advice.

She uses personal voice “I” in almost every post. And she sticks to one big topic, fashion. Especially, about plus-size fashion and her daily styling with styling tips. However, I think some companies support/give her few clothes and she wears them and writes about it for commercial purposes — not always but sometimes. Her writing style is easy and clear to understand, and also very familiar. Everyone who is interested in fashion can be specific audience. I like her attitude to fashion, tastes and confidence.

In GABIFRESH, there’re six main categories. First one is ‘Contact me’ with her e-mail and ‘Add GABIFRESH’ to add the blog as a friend in Facebook, etc. Next category is ‘As seen in,’ there’s collection of articles about Gabi and media exposures of her. Forth one is ‘Archive,’ which is the main category of the blog. In ‘Archive,’ she has been posting her daily fashion items with their information like brand names since 2008. ‘Daily reads’ is about other fashion blogs that Gabi recommend/like. The last one is ‘Where / Shop.’ There’re lists of online shops where she buys clothes often.

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Re: Blogging

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This blog wrote about the pop music dividing the years of music into several years.
When I enter this site first, I could see the years of music upside, and Downside of this blog also shows the trends of music but with more details. And most downside shows the recent music in pop. And I can see in this that the tweeter and Facebook are related with. it made some categories regarding social trends what i said and some pictures of hot issues and so on.

I enjoyed reading the material on this blogs excepting for being tired of seeing the series of Justin Bieber things. What I liked most is that, it made the blog show the changes of pop music as it is made section of years. However I think I cannot find anything about the information of the author of this blog. So I couldn’t get any information about him. Maybe it would be reason that I don’t have any intention of meeting him. And what I didn’t like was that it a little bit focused on the some guys. And I thought that rather than this, it would be better to make the section of each pop musician so that people could search the special musician with ease. And it did lack the personal opinion of the author. Some reason I go through the blog surfing is to communicate with the author. But it made it impossible. i learned from this blog- actually from the negative side- that i should insert my own opinion when i make any artices. And the writing style seems to be not troublesome. It seems that the author took the news materials from other spot to this blog. So this writing style would not fit that of him. And reading the material was pretty enjoyable and not too difficult or boring to read. It was pretty interesting as it didn’t lean too much on the specific times. So I could see the overall trend of pop music.

I think rather than positive point, I fount much more negative sides of this blog. but anyway it was not bad to enjoy the current pop. But rather than to keep searching for information in this blog, i would go other site. because i thought that it focues on the narrow things in terms of singers and variety of genres.

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Re: Blogging

Post by Yoon »

As the name suggests the blog is targeting readers of books. With the blog author’s reviews whether for recommending books or just brief summarizing of the books she has read, it provides helpful information about the books and authors.

Along with the book reviews, she also posts a lot of book-related information through subdivided categories. It covers from book reviews including her personal information to readers’ community based upon books. It is easy to skip through the blog with well-organized categories. I think people who regularly visit her blog would find it very useful with various book-related issues. Also, her blog and postings are well connected with other SNS such as Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Maybe thanks to her passion toward books, her writing style is easy to be recognized, distinctive and persuasive. I could see that she puts a lot of effort to her blog for public. Yet, even though her blog is well-structured, some minor factors like writing location and high concentration interrupt me to go on next page for more readings. I am not quite sure my regular visit to the blog since it is based solely on English books (cultural difference!).

Visiting her blog is the very first time for me to read English blog and as I like reding books, to see someone else's passion and effort toward books certainly has motivated me to read more.

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Re: Blogging

Post by xsaberx »

Written by Jinwoo Lee

In this blog, you can find all information you need to keep in touch with famous European soccer leagues such as English Premier League, Serie A, or La Primera Liga. You can enjoy reading articles, watching highlight footages about your favourite team, in my case Liverpool, or find information about how the team is faring in the league. Not just that, the blog also posts information about latest international football incidents, such as the upcoming Euro 2012 or World Cup, to be played in two year`s time. Finally, you can also purchase tickets or jerseys online, to attend the matches you want wearing your favourite player`s jersey.

This blog is ideal for those users who wish to learn how their team is faring. You can learn the scores, and how the author thinks about the team, share opinions about what should be done to improve their score, and so much more. However, the author does not just provide information. He gives his own opinions, about both teams and the fans, sometimes being optimistic, and sometimes becoming critical, and even cynical. Of course the blog covers so much information, and not all writers use the same writing style, but in general you can enjoy reading these articles, either agreeing or disagreeing with the author. This kind of writing style allows the reader to personalise the opinion, and really get into reading the article, spending time reading and understanding what the author has to say.

I personally think I would like to meet up with some of these bloggers, and just hang out with them. A saturday night`s football in a crowdy pub with these people would be very interesting, I believe. We would be talking about just about everything the teams have to offer, starting from the manager to the playing colour they have. It would surely be fun, watching football with people supporting the same team you are for. I would surely continue reading this blog, although I probably wouldn`t be blogging every single hour. It would be enjoyable to keep in touch with Liverpool once again.

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Re: Blogging

Post by Heimin Yoon »

This blog is about beauty and skin care products. I sometimes have a trouble in selecting skin care products because I don’t know the effect before I try them in person. But this blog will be helpful because it provides the information like articles, tips and other’s reviews on them. It covers author’s choice and thinking, the best products selected by experts or magazines, celebrities’ beauty, socialite’s beauty guide, beauty brands, beauty fact, beauty trend, and also make up and fragrance products. Though there are too many categories but I could find the information by time and labels easily.

The author writes her opinions enough, so I can find her philosophy and value about beauty. And I totally agree to them. On the reviews, she wrote her experience of the products in detail like texture and smell that are I want to know. The interest things I learned from this blog are the uncommon beauty facts like the various way of caring beauty. Furthermore, she introduces the books about beauty. Her writing style is not difficult to read except some of words. Her writing appears to be comfortable and honest to me.

She made this blog quite a few years ago, but she had absented for almost a year, because of her busy life including volunteer works. And she hasn’t post up even one writing in this year too. I’d like to meet her, but I think she has no time. Though, this blog is not active now, I want to keep finding the useful things in this blog.

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Post by kyubinchoi » ... l#more-132

This Blog covers articles on K-League, the first division of Korean Professional Football League. Not only it covers the result of the league games in a week, which is usually 4 to 5 games,
the author of this blog seem to write on general topics on K-League. He wrote on how well the former champion of the K-League, Cheonbuk Motors, would do in Asia Champions Cup, and so on.
It also includes some news on transfers, injuries, records, a lot of interesting details on K-League on the broad perspective.

I was able to notice a few interesting things in this blog. As a British, he knows surprising amount of details on K-League, even the history of the team that he seem to support.
It is always pleasant to find someone who is deeply interested in football, especially since football is not so much of a major sport in Korea. Also, not only he describes the details of a football match( like who scored )
he provides his own view of certain Korean players, teams, and a match. Some of his writings included videos, which i found helpful as well.

His writings were pretty easy to read as well as they were entertaining. He used expressions such as 'I think' or 'I believe' so that his writing style can seem casual, which I believe sports sections of Newspaper can be.
In short, this blog is worth reading even though it is quite sad that last blog entry was quite long ago. I'd like to have a chance to discuss about his writings one day.

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Re: Blogging

Post by SUN-Yonghyun-Ryu »

Nomadic Matt-travel better, cheaper, longer. What a magic word it is! This is what I really look for as a travel lover. The blog above consists of several categories explaining tips, guides, videos, and even products for traveling.
First time when I visited this blog, I felt great sympathy with him because we shared a lot in common. "I’ll easily spend a lot money on an expensive meal but will sleep on the floor if it will save me money and love eating food from street stalls." he said. "I afford all this travel through writing." I love it the most!
The 'travel blog' category is the main part of this. He vividly writes about his experiences, feelings and all the stuff he thinks interesting to share with us. It's just like reading a story! I will probably visit here often!

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Post by yj7148 »

Yoonju Lee
This is a blog made by a professor of Samrye University in Jeonju, South Korea, who was born in United States. His blog is mainly about reviews of Korean movies, including old and new. It was very inspiring that a foreigner is so interested in Korean movies, especially that were filmed in early years of Korean film industry. It is even rare among Koreans because Koreans are usually interested in upcoming movies. The blog is both professional and personal because it analyzes the movie neatly but also uses words like 'I' and 'I think'.

While reading the blog, I realized that the blogger appreciates the history of Korean movies. Before reviewing, he actually made a chronological table of Korean movies, divided into sections based on time. If the information is available, he even linked the movie with its short introduction. Not even Korean bloggers arrange movies like this with such a clean and specific manner, so it was very inspiring. Also, when reviewing a Korean film, he tries to review it with understanding of the director who made the movie and the actors/actresses of the movie. Because of these reasons, I enjoyed reading this blog because it felt like the writer understands the movie thoroughly and in wide perspective. Plus, the range of movie he reviews is very wide, including blockbuster movies and indie movies and it was very interesting.

However, I don't want to meet the author yet. Its because I would have lots to learn from him but less to talk with him. I think I should watch more movies and study more movies before I meet him. I will read this blog after this time because the movie reviews of this blog is based on directors and actors/actresses and it is kind of hard to find one in movie blogs in Korean.

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The blog is all about post-rock music which can be defined as “instrumental emotional rock.” It introduces albums from diverse countries, gives information about downloading free songs or albums, and sometimes writes reviews of bands or albums. It also provides full-length or sample streaming songs which we can just click and listen to.

As my interest in music focuses on post-rock these days, there is no doubt that the blog gives full satisfaction to entertain my eyes because the post-rock music scene is not well established in Korea. There is no worry for me to search the web for what new music has and will come out. A variety of music is made all over the world and of course we can miss it unless we try to find them with curiosity. Therefore, this kind of blogs based on introducing “latest and previous music” should be created in order to meet the needs of people who are hungry for new music which they have never heard of and listened to.

A suggestion for improvement to the blog that I have is that it does not have enough categories that signify the blog and the music which, for example, explains what post-rock is and suggests the best music of the month or year that listeners or newbies could easily see and share how the pot-rock music scene is going. However, a good feature the blog has is that they are willing to introduce bands and albums and post them on the blog by receiving emails from bands. It is good for both the listeners who always wait for new music and the bands who want to be recognized and remembered as impressive ones. Therefore, I will absolutely visit the blog whenever possible.

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This blog focusess on fashion photography. The blog is all about fashion photography and author's phillosophy of that photography. The blog author uses the images and sometimes videos attracts us to stop and browse some pages. This blogs are made by a delicate lady, so it is well-designed and it looks like very professional.

Her photography and videos are quite hard to understand fully for ordinary people who aren't familiar with fashion photography. Though there are not so many professional terms on the posting materials, photo's angle and certain feelings that photography gives are confusing. However her writing on those photos are very easy to read. Because almost all writing scripts which are posted on the blogs are mainly about her daily life and thoughts. The thoughts are usually her phillosophy of fashion but sometimes her ideal husband or her assist members. So when I read her blogs I'm very interesting because I could not only know who is her but also understand her thoughts. Since I understood her thoughts it was easy to feel her fashion photography. Therefore, at first, her blog seems very professional so I thought I couldn't feel some interesting things. However, after reading those writings, I was very interested about her blog's materials and her personally.

If given a chance, I want to chat or twit with her. Because she is running both facebook and twitter pages.
In addition, I want to give some advice for her blog. Although her writing is easy to read, the fashion photograpy is still hard to understand. It is more attractive that give some explains for the photos. If she does it, her blog will get more visiotrs and followers.

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Post by Hwang Min Hee »
This blog covers the story about cooking French bread and food. A blogger learned cooking in France and Italy. She usually follows the recipes which were introduced in French Fridays with Dorie site and baking with julia, etc. Therefore, it is hard to find specific recipes in her blog. Rather she focuses on writing about her feelings while cooking or eating food, cooking tips, and her own kitchen utensils. She first mentions the weather or her everyday life, then starts cooking. Sometimes she cooked food related to the anniversary such as Valentines or St. Patrick's Day.

Contents are classified by the date when she cooked. But it is better divided more systematically. I have to click all dates to find something I want. And because it is cooking blog, most of her writings and pictures are in the ratio of 50:50.(But there are also some writings with no pictures.) She writes like writing a diary and there are few cooking terms. Therefore, I can easily read it. But this blog relies too much on other people's recipe. Because she also professionally learned french cook, I hope she writes something about her own recipe. And I think it is not suitable for cooking for beginners. Because there is no specific recipes. Instead it is suitable for someone who are adept at cooking and want to improve their cooking skill.

I really enjoyed reading the blog. Because I heard that France is the gourmet heaven and I wanted to see the pictures of French food especially bread. I would like to meet her and learn some recipes from her. Reading her blog, I felt I am in my grandmother's kitchen. I think she really enjoys cooking.

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Post by starbucks_KyungAOh »

This blog provides a lot of useful information and resources about how to be creative for raising kids. The author is a homeschooling mother to three kids and she is applying a variety of crafts and sharing them with the readers. In the categories, she introduces how to be creative in general as well as in cooking, organizing, and other craftiness with kids. Also, she offers desirable parental skills and various materials to decorate kids’ room.

Through this blog, I learned the best way to be a good mother to my kids. While I was reading her article titled “Just Want to Sit With you…”, I found that sitting next to my kids, doing absolutely nothing, means absolutely everything to them. I enjoyed reading this blog because I like her artistry and the way to approach parenting and her own life. While reading the blog, I was able to follow her writing without being bored at all and understand it easily. Besides, the related pictures for all the activities encourage me to try some of them.

I will keep reading this blog because it is very helpful to me. If possible, I would like to meet the author and learn her parenting skills and artistry more. However, I should point that the blog has too many categories and it makes me a little confused. It would be better if the author puts some similar categories together.

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Post by boxcar »

I have a blog I run for my rock band if anyone here is interested in reading it.


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