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A wonderful traveling

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:28 am
by Su Yee Mon
All of the people are travel to somewhere for their works or picnic.For me,I had traveled to a small town last six months ago.This town is called "Taung Tha".I went there with my mom for my works.After finishing my works,it was 2:00 PM.We were free and we didn't want to go back home.We got an idea how to spend our time.There is a amazing and historical place near the "Taung Tha". It is an extinct volcano.It is called "Mount.Popa".It has a lot of history.It also has a lot of monkeys.They lived at this mountain for a years ago.I have never been and I want to go there at that time.So,we went to there at 2:30 PM.When we reached there , it was about 5:00 PM.At that time,I was very happy.And then , we started climb the mountain.There are a lot of monkeys throughout the mountain.I hold a file on my hand.After that,my mom asked me to take a photo of her.So,I took a camera from her and put down the file on the ground.At that time,a small black monkey was picked up my files and ran to the top of the mountain.At that time,I don't know anything and I don't know what I should do.I know only one about to cry.And I cried aloud.Some people were helped me to get that file.But that little monkey opened the file and tore the letters and threw the letters from the top the of the mountain.At that time ,I felt so pain.Finally, I got that file back but all the letters are broken into pieces.After that ,I don't want to go that place never again.