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experience abroad

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:04 pm
by hollyce
Hello Everyone, just want to practice my writing skills please inform me for my mistakes.
I love to travel, maybe its the best thing to do if you want to know the other side of the world. Different cultures, launguage and belief. As an OFW or overseas Filipino Worker I been working on some Countries. And Im happy that everywhere I go I can used English to communicate with them. Sometimes its funny, because where using actions if we dont know the English words of it. I remember when I was working in Hk I went to the market and its really hard to communicate with them cause some dont really speak English and some knew little only. So the nextday I brouht my receipe book and point the picture on it, and then they started laughing at me. And When I was working back then in KSA , I remember One day we went to Grandmas house but the driver was not available so she called someone to pick up us. Heard shes talking about a limousine. And deep inside I was so happy and excited thinking for the first time I can ride a
Limousine if ever. Where waiting outside then and I didnt see it until one car passing and My employer wave her hand and say limousine' ...limousine. I was really shock and laugh inside, cause thats not what I am expecting. I dont know until now if they call taxi a limousine I was shy to ask. But evertime I remembered it makes me laugh.