Eating Healthy

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Eating Healthy

Post by bannietowel » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:12 pm

As we grow up, each year seem to become busier and busier, and having a proper meal may have become a luxury for many people. Having a healthy life doesn't only mean to sleep well, and do exercise, most importantly, we need to have a healthy diet.

Started about five years ago, Avacado became popular in the United States due to its plentiful nutrition and health benefits. Thinking back, how many people have been and still are enjoying those deep fried french fries and cheeseburgers, not to mention those over sweetened donuts and muffins. A healthy meal doesn't always taste good, which is not actually true. Established in August 2012, Blue Apron, the new one-stop solution for a healthy diet, started to change some people's way of living and cooking. They began to box and ship recipes and required ingredients to their customers' doorstep. Each meal from them has a decent price and a good mix of veggies and proteins and can be cooked easily and ready to go in 25 to 30 minutes on average.

Once people are in the mood of changing their diet, what are the simple things to do to get it started? Traditionally, three meals with enough daily water consumption are required. Building it in incremental steps is key to form a new habit, and it takes time. Start your morning at 7 am with a fried egg or an omelet with some sauteed spinach or mushroom, plus a glass of milk or orange juice would sound good. Then at noon, don't forget some veggies and carbohydrates to get yourself the energy needed to go through the afternoon. During the night, at 6 pm try not to eat too greasy and too much food so you could have a good sleep. Remember not to drink coffee or tea or anything that contains caffeine in it after 8 pm. Put it on your planner, what you would like to do the very next day, so you are looking forward to it, and will stick to the plan.

Eventually, people who have a healthy diet will look healthy and happy with positive energy. And that is good enough to change your life.

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