Information Revolution

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Information Revolution

Postby elevenoclock_kyungAOh » Thu May 12, 2011 11:31 am

As the video, “A Vision of Students Today” points out, the most important characteristics of students today is how they learn and what they need to learn. We think information beyond material constraints. Now, it is very easy to access to the internet through a PC or even a cell phone. So, if we run into any concept that we don’t know, we can find it out from Wikipedia. Also, going into a search engine such as Google provides all information we need in detail.

In this sense, I believe that our public education is far behind the times. In Korea, all high school students have to memorize concepts and examples even they can get the information easily through the internet. I think students should learn how to organize and understand the information rather than just learn how to memorize it.

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Re: Information Revolution

Postby (apple) ohseunghyun » Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:42 am

I partially agree with your idea.

Yes, it is true that we should learn how to organize and understand the bombarded information on the internet nowadays.

However, understanding a new concept is based on the basic knowledge we learned beforehand.

I mean, what we have done during our middle school and high school is to be equipped ourselves with basic knowledge tools for the further understanding toward another concept. If we hadn't memorized all those simple and basic concepts such as multiplication and division, we would not be able to understand the basic meaning of calculus. And this is not only limited to mathematics I mentioned.

Plus, even though there are abundant of information on the internet, it is also human who produce those information. We can organize those information and narrow it down for the aim of our tasks, but that is not enough. We are also obliged to create a new idea, information, and concept. The main goal of education is to make students not as dehumanized-working machine, but as alive-thinking human-being. In deed, creating a new idea is based on the existing concepts. Not memorizing those concepts always ensures that they cannot come into across the moment, "Eureka!"

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