Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

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Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)YooTaeKwan » Wed Mar 07, 2012 2:19 pm

Battlefield tourism is important because it reminds us of the tragical history. All history is important but tragical history, for instance war, has especail meaning. It inspires our patriotism and motivation to provent the recurrence. However, today, people don't care about the meaning of battlefield tourism. It becomes just commercial thing. In some places, we must pay for entrance. Some students are problems too. They just regard battlefield tourism as boring thing and they don't care about historical meaning. I think it's seriously important to consider our understanding of battlefield tourism. I want to know you guys' opinion.

lab102-Wansoo Cho
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby lab102-Wansoo Cho » Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:28 pm

Hi my name is Wansoo Cho and I read your post interestingly.

I mostly agree with your opinion, Battlefield tourism is important to learn history directly but it's going more commercial so

losing its meaning. However, I think It's not only a Battlefield tourism's problem itself. Rather It's more likely to be our own

fault. As you know, our history educations in schools, especially Korean history, are getting weaker so many students do

not care what have happend during the past. Naturally, they can't be interested in Battlefield tourism and can not help

feeling boring. No need to say , managers of Battlefield tourism have to be commercial to keep them and also have to get

entrance fee. In different perspective, commercialiaztion might be unavoidable phenomenon to get attention from people.

So I think we must not blame Battlefield tourism itself but have to try to get familiar with our history lean from Battlefield


(apple)kim sojeong
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)kim sojeong » Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:43 pm

I think tourism is a nice way of keeping people interested in history.

I have read your opinions on this.
One of you say that commercializing the battlefields degrade or to a certain point ignore the meaning that lies behind history and turn them into
as mere entertainment. Also you argue how history becoming a source of monetary gain or it being too commercialized undermines the lessons that we should learn from it and that it's inappropriate and immoral.

But I think battlefield tourism has to incorporate some kind of entertainment element to it and making some kind of business out of
battlefields is not only inevitable but also not morally wrong as you say it is.

First of all, people don't visit historical sites in the first place to get entertained like they do from watching a comedy show. They are going there
with a sense of purpose. They visit those battlefields(or any historical site that is) knowing that they are part of history. Also, since what you call "entertainment"(but quite frankly I'm not sure how you can ever be entertained at a historical site), war re-enactment for example, is derived from history and cannot be separated from it, it is nearly impossible not to learn anything out of them. You are constantly immersed in historical facts and stories presented in a more visual and auditory form that makes them real and become closer to your heart.

Second of all, just because battlefield tourism integrates history with business doesn't mean that it automatically degrades the meaning history.
(I guess if you want to make a moral arguement about it, it could be about inequality of access between those who can afford to enter the sites and those who can't.) I think as most museums and historical sites are owned and run by governments the primary goal of charging fees or running sovenir shops is not so much about money. Money enters the picture not because it works as an incentive only to maximize pure profit but an incentive to preserve those sites and keep the messages behind them alive. With money more creative ways or forms of experiencing the history can be produced (like 3D videos and products that relate to the site.)that make people to keep visiting those sites and be exposed to history.

All in all I think that if the historical facts are there without being misleading or biased tourism should continue on.

Yoo Byoung Jun
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby Yoo Byoung Jun » Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:57 am

The worst thing is that our focus on history education is to memorize numbers, names, etc that are very hard or boring to students and i had trouble learing all those stuff by heart.

I think we shoud change our approach to history; histroy is not something dead.
Instead, it is living and the very moment i am writing this post could be a history.

Maybe we could use visual aids to make students interested and motivated.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby apple-kimdongyoung » Sat Mar 10, 2012 5:53 am

i think battlefield entrance fee is very important.

beacause battlefield is a resource, if battlefield can produce benefit we let it produce bebefit

of courese commercial thing is thought like you (negative) but there are many examples using battlefield entrance fee in managing battlefield. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (101)minkyungshin » Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:41 am

I totally agree with Yoo Byoung Jun's opinion.

I think I vistited some places where battle was occured but not remembered exactly. and I don't think every people could get lots of inspiration, or something during battlefield tour.

History in class is actually really boring. A Battlefield tour-site?? that is regarded as a History class; which means another boring thing.
Enterance fee in essential to keep the place and manage it. But that fee would be used for like... making toursite more rememberable, interesting, and emotionally closed! We could hire well-trained tour guides who can talk us why here is meaningful and make tourists feel more comfy to accept historical facts and re-think about its meaning.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)HamSuMin » Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:16 pm

The battlefield should be protected by goverment because battlefield has many historical meanings and visiting the spot could give a big chance to study their history for citizens who live in modern society.
However, battlefield tourism has changed the meaning of these spots as a amusement place not a historical place that should be preserved.
Battlefield is now just a course of tourism. Additionaly, a casino is being run in battlefield.It's not right to visit these spots just for amusement.
Battlefields is the place where many soilders or people sacrifice their life for freedom or other things such as country.
So I think that we should memorize their sprit of sacrifice by visiting thses places not for entertainment

(sixzero7)LEE JIN WOO
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)LEE JIN WOO » Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:45 pm

In some points, I agree with your idea that commercial aspects in battlefield tourism can undermine the lofty worth of our ancestors' lessons
But I want you guys to know that , to keep people taking part i n visiting battlefield for praising ,
commercial business is necessary evil which should exist for the sake of the battlefield being kept
In these days, education about our history is inclined to be very restrictive by pushing students to memorize just some events
They don't have enough chances to visit or feel the real historical place like battlefield
When considering this realities, we must know that there should be some economic factors in the battlefield
With some bulidings or facilities for entertainment, we can save our sacred historical battlefield by their own earnings unless degrading the noble spirits of our ascendents

(sixzero7)seok-young Hwang
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)seok-young Hwang » Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:13 pm

I think that battlefield Tourism must be assisted more about facility, education, publicity by government.

First, now a lot of battlefields is so poor and inadequate. It makes battlefield tourism is so boring and uninteresting. if many battlefields have various spectacles and attractions, battlefields tourism can attract children and middle school, high school students as well as adults.

Second, government should make an effort to educate people about history. without history education, people can't know history and then surely, people can't know historic places and artifacts. it is so pointless. reason that we tour a battlefield is feeling ancestor's trace. we must not forget battlefield tourism's essence. For pursuing the battlefield tourism's essence, history education is so needed.

Third, many people don't know a lot of battlefield tourism. of course, many people know a famous battlefield. for example, Suwon hwasung. but most of people don't know gadukdo seongbukwesung. so government should assist publicizing many infamous battlefields and then people can travel unknown and various battlefields as well as famous battlefield. it will help that people can have diverse experience.

In conclusion, battlefield tourism need more interest and assist. of course, I said that its target is government. but I also think that citizen's interest is also important. I want that we all have a interest about 'Battlefield' and pursue right direction to 'Tourism'.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (starbucks)LeeEugene » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:59 am

Yeah I totally agree on your last opinion.
I think the most important thing that students should know is about the national history of war.
when students go sight to the battlefield for tour, at least half of the students don't know well about that site and when the war occured.
in this sense, they can not choose but to be bored and even harm the historic battlefield.
this students' ignorance of history causes that situation to become worse and worse.
I think the education of war history should be forced, to make them more understand and be serious about it.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)suhbokyung » Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:51 pm

I agree with your opinion.
Battlefield is living history so it needs a lot of interests.
In this course government intervenes battlefield. it also supervises battlefield not to deteriorate too commercially by continuous control.
The enterance fee is disputing point. but we should not regard it as a negative because it can be used to preserve the batllefield.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (102)kangkyeongtae » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:32 pm

In my opinion, battlefield tourism have to retain objectivity. although many things that associated with the war were found in the war sites. we shouldn't jump to a conclusion. moral judgedment is very relative issues and it's impossible moral judgement by base on the result.
there are many variety of reasons to cause the war. in many case the war is caused by the only vicious dictator or crowd people. thus it is wrong that we selectively keep the certain battle field.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (sixzero7)leedaul » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:31 am

In my opinion, we must keep those historical resources under perfect management. In order for that, it is undeniable that we should maintain monetary and human resources. Therefore, keeping entrance fee and
However, I can't stop thinking that some of the sites had become too commercialized. The significance of history is to remember and respect our progenitors and learn lesson from them. Nevertheless, many parts of those battlefield tourism are attached to selling souvenir and making money. I think we should focus more on teaching and learning history.

(apple)HyeJi Kwon
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)HyeJi Kwon » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:46 pm

I read your opinions about battlefield tourism interestingly.
Your opinions make me think about it a lot.
I think that we can remind people about war's tragedy and horror through battlefield tourism.
And It can stimulate people's curiosity about history.
Also people can know why war broke out and tragic effects that war produced.
After war broke out long time ago, time to time we cannot find war's evidences in our life now.
So people easily think tragedy of war just exists in history books.
But if we catch people's attention and interest about battlefield through tourism,
the people can recognize that war actually broke out in their country long time ago.
We don't just make battlefield commercial tourism, We make it education place that we can learn about our history, and can feel tragedy of war.

[sixzero7] Jung Chan Yong
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby [sixzero7] Jung Chan Yong » Tue Mar 13, 2012 2:49 pm

Hello! My name is Jung Chan Yong.

I think battlefield tourism is important. Because it reminds a memory of war and made young people imagine fear of war.

Our country’s DMZ tourism is a good example. However young people really go there to think about historical meaning today?

Just, they go there passively by retreat schedule or by their parents.

And I read the news that young students didn’t know the independence year and 6.25 war year.

I think passive battlefield tourism empty of historical knowledge doesn’t have meaning.

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