Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

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(apple)Kang Bong Joon
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)Kang Bong Joon » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:04 pm

I agree with your opinion in some ways.
Commercializing considers a battlefield as the place to make money not the historic site.
There will be no difference between amusement park and battlefield if it is commercialized. So I disagree about commercialzing the battlefield.
But I have no objection about taking an entrance fee. Because the entrace fee can be used to maintain and preserve the battlefield in good condition.
Also in psychological aspect, people tend to think that free means valueless. To prevent this aspect also, entrance fee should be charged for the visitors.

(apple)Kang Bong Joon
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)Kang Bong Joon » Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:19 pm

As you said, recent students who regard the battlefield tourism as a boring thing can be a problem indeed.
I think it is not the fault of the students but the system of field trip to battlefield.
Just giving them a free time to look around the place is probably the common way to do field trip. In this kind of situation, no one can feel the interest about the place.

To solve this problem, the field trip to GyungBok Palace with the professor 'Yu, Hong Joon' which was introduced in the recent TV Show can be a good example.
Explanation about the historical background and the place should be preceded before giving time to look around. And simple quizs can trigger the students' interest as well.

Yoo Byoung Jun
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby Yoo Byoung Jun » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:12 pm

HI, my name is Yoo Byoung Jun(sixzero7).
I think battle tourism is very important and can be rewarding. We had a internecine war and the ruins of war remained everywhere. Because we have to learn some lessons by vising those places, battlefiled tourism is worth keeping going.
However, it is changing into being meaningless, local governments have trouble maniging those war remains. :(

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby 박경환 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:41 pm

I have a same opinion about battlefield tourism. You said it`s very useful for remebering tragical history which has special meaning for us. I totally agree with that.
It is very important to remind our tragical history and reconsider about that. If we completely forget about our tragical history, we may undergo another tragic sometimes later. Also you said nowadays no one cares about meaning of battlefield tourism. But recognizing the meaning of battlefield tourim is important for reconsidering the history. In conclusion, I almostly have same opinion about battlefield tourism with you

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)LeeJaiyeul » Wed Mar 14, 2012 10:48 am

Hello, my name is Jaiyeul Lee.
I think that in order to mantain these monuments, receiving money from tourists is something more or less obvious. So I disagree with your statement that says this thing is bad. In case of children, I think it is important for teachers to teach them in an easy and understandable way to have respect for our ancestors and be solemn once visiting a battlefield. I guess they just explain things in such a boring way kids just cant empathize. But well, kids are kids.. You can't expect much of them..

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (apple)parkminji » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:04 pm

I think Battlefield Tourism has good side for two reasons.

At first, Battlefield Tourism can make people to experience past things.

When people just read a history book and imagine past society, they can't feel the reality of war.

But when they go to battlefield and experience the place through their own feeling, people can meet historical reality vividly.

Second, most of battlefield villages are poor because they were destroyed by war.

So they don't have social system and development.

They have to start from the basic.

At this situation, commercial power is a great thing to people who lives in battlefield.

In socieyt, money is the power which can make people's life.

So when people pay the money for tourism, battlefield's people can earn the money and village can develop.

To sum up, I think battlefield tourism is a good thing for people's historical knowledge and battlefield's economic development.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby apple-samuelkim » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:39 pm

Hello my name is Samuel Kim.
I want to share my opinion on battlefield tourism in the DMZ.
In contrast to a different student's opinion, I believe that the DMZ serves as a positive example of battlefield tourism.
During my military service, I was given the chance to visit there with my comrades.
During my four hour visit, I spotted some groups of tourists in the area.
None seemed even the slightest bit excited, but rather seemed depressed and tense-depressed and tense was just the way I felt at that time.
I actually felt and saw the North Korean Soldier carefully watching me.
I realized that that place is not a historical relic where once fierce battles and tales of conquest occured, but rather an active battle zone-in face to face with a hostile opponent.
In this sense my visit was a reminder of the past and the present-that on this land brothers did shed blood, bullets were fired, and that even now we are aiming our weapons toward eachother.
Of course, if promoted under the wrong management (as some of you suggest) such historical tourist sites may be deprived of any serious contemplation on the sacrifices that took place there.
However, as my personal story may suggest (and in the right hands like you guys said) battlefield tourism can serve higher purposes of remembering the past and fully recognizing the present.

(102)Min je Jung
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (102)Min je Jung » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:03 am

Hello! I am Min Je Jung. It's a pleasure to take part in the discussion.

I have read your opinion interestingly. You argue that the battlefield tourism has become a vitcim of commercialism. The purpose of the battlefield tourism is to preserve the sites in order for people to be reminded of the historical event and to learn the lesson from the past. However, such intention seems to be neglected often.

This is a sad thing to happen but I think we need to face the reality.
There are a number of the battlefields to be commemorated and remembered but only a few are known to the public.
Why? people in present days are too busy to be interested in the past. However with the help of commercialism, the battlefield can be well preserved and publicized.
Even though the sacredness of the site can be degenerated a bit, what I think is important is that the historic site remains in people's mind unforgotten.
Therefore I think it is important to acknowledge the contribution to the battlefield tourism given by the commercialism.

Overall, with a sacrifice of losing a bit of sacredness of the historical site, the battlefield tourism can continue to be remembered. I also think that rememberence of the historical event is what makes the site more sacred and respected.

Thank you :P

107 Jeong Cheol Bae
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby 107 Jeong Cheol Bae » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:42 pm

Hi my name is jeong cheol. I read your post and I agree with your opinions. Many people in korea forgot the meaning of the korean war and they forgot the sacrifice of veterans. korea, The divided nation, Despite this sense of security is important, many people in korea have forgotten the fact that our enemies are right in front of us.
So, not only students but all the citizen have to tour battlefield and Tribute to the sacrifice of the soldiers who died for freedom.

(103) Kim Sung Yoon
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (103) Kim Sung Yoon » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:43 pm

Hello, my name is Kim Sungyoon. I think there must be some respect, peace and silence in a graveyard. It is a place for them who sacrifice themselves for their own believes. It means that they deserve to be in peace after they've gone. All of cemeteries are belong to bodies, and they have rights. A tourist is just a guest and doesn't have a permission of owner to play on their ground. It is some kind of illegal, I believe.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (107)정겨운 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:52 pm

I don't recon battle field to be the victom of tourism because we can actually learn something from visiting those places. How gettysberg battlefield is ran is somewhat wrong, with all the kids running around and selling differnent kinds of items. However places like Killing field in Cambodia the atmosphere is very calm and grave. There are brutal and realistic pictures and torturing instruments.No one would ever think of talking with loud voices or running around. In places like that we can reflect ourselves and think once again that these things should never happen again. I think that's how former battlefields should be used as-to give people of these days a self consciousness.

I also think that its a good idea to get an entrance fee because the money can be used for publicity. maintanance fee etc.

(102)Cho Yoon Jeong
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (102)Cho Yoon Jeong » Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:53 pm

I agree at the fact that the battlefield places should be treated with care and respect, but I think adding commercial events in some degree can make good image toward kids. Many children think of battlefield as dark, heavy places where there's no sense of humor or fun. Because of this, they tend to have a dislike for those kind of spots. There's no meaning in just 'existing'. The meaning and the respect gets bigger by coming and learning about the background, and feeling the perspiration of anscestors. So, in order to change children's stereotypes; that battlefield places are dark and gloomy, governments should put a lot of effort to it such as helding a event or creating mascots.

(101) Yoon Hye sun
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (101) Yoon Hye sun » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:54 pm

Many people argue that the battlefield should be respected regarding its purpose of establishment, but the place itself must also be an easy place to go to. If praising the virtue of the soldiers' braveness and sacrifices are the main reasons for its presence, limiting the surroundings to only calm and sacred places will not be the best answer.
Taking the battlefields in Korea as an example, they are not visited very often because most of Korean people think that graveyards are scary. If people can consider the place as more like a garden, more visitors will come and learn about the history. In terms of attracting many people, commercialization can be one way. Of course, there must be some curfews such as prohibition of selling alcohols after 10 pm.
Creating art museums right near the graveyard can be a smart way to give a little bit of amusement to the visitors. Famous artists can take turns to put up their works that are related to the war happened on the field. If the theme of “war” meets with different genres in arts, it will grab people’s attention. In this way, the battlefield can have an effective advertisement and still keep the respectful mood of the site.

(101)Rina Kim
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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (101)Rina Kim » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:52 am

I don’t think that commercialization is the only way to make people feel friendly to the battlefield. The most important thing that we have to preserve is the value of the battlefield itself. Investing more and more money is not the only answer to solve the problem. Of course, pouring much money into the battlefield makes it more attractive to kids and tourists. However, commercialization is commercialization. There is somewhere that commercialization cannot intrude. Especially, treating alcohols in the battlefield should be unaccepted. Managing the money from the entrance fee and the government funding wisely would raise the quality of the battlefield. We must not forget the value of the battlefield itself. In the battlefield, familiarity and attractiveness cannot be more important value than the purpose of its establishment.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism-The way to go

Postby (102)YangChulJoo » Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:15 pm

hello my name is chul joo yang
and I agree with your concern that these days, students
have less interest about their history or patriotism
I think that should be fixed by education and publicity.
Students these days have a serious problem in thinking of our own properties.
We should change their thoughts that regard historical places
as boring.
However when it comes to commercial,I have some different thought.
I think making money by using historical places is not just bad but it is
pretty good. If we protect and develop these places with only taxes,
that could costs a lpt. but by charging fees on tourists, the old places
can develop and save their land by their own

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