Battlefield Tourism

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(107) Kim Kyung Oh
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Battlefield Tourism

Post by (107) Kim Kyung Oh »

I think Battlefield Tourism must be sacred and educational. When I said 'educational', it means it must impress people, and make people think how important this place is, and why this place is so sacred. To interest people, maybe some commercial, and fun elements can be included. But I think if that fun elements become the purpose of Battlefield Tourism, that tourism lost its true meanings.
Big battle was there, so big that it is still remembered until today. So many people were killed and fought for their own belief. So, visitting Battlefield must be respectful, and meaningful. :D

(107)Youngjoo Oh
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (107)Youngjoo Oh »

The sacred part of the battlefield landmark is important but I think the popularity of it also important, too. Before we say it's historical or not, we have to know what it is and the existence of it. The reason why battlefield tourism had started is that it was the place no one visits. Because of the battlefield tourism, it becomes the place people know, and now we can think about it's bright side and dark side because we know it exists. But overabundance of its tourism is problem.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (102)김은정 »

Commercial is not always the solution to interest people. There are many things to interest people besides commercial. In my opinion, if some commercial start to flow in battlefield, it spread like wildfire put the meaning of battlefield to shame. Of course there must be some restaurants for a meal but no need pub, casino and something like that. Why do people visit battlefield? We have to remember the reason why we preserve the battlefield and why people visit battlefield. To interest people, quiz programs related with the history of battlefield with great prizes or mission to collect sticker walking around in the battlefield is enough.

(102) Youngju Song
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (102) Youngju Song »

In my opinion, the main purpose of Battlefield Tourism is recollection of the tragic history. By visiting there, we can have a gratitude to our ancestor and remember the past tragic affairs. Of course, some convenient facilities can set up in Battlefields. However, if they set up to interest people, I think that is not a good idea. As you said, these kinds of additional elements become the purpose of Battlefield Tourism, it will lose its original meaning. There are lots of things that can catch the attention except for commercial facilities. For example, well-planned tour package can interest people. We should find some ways without ruin the own significance of Battlefield Tourism.

(104)Kim Ji-hyun
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (104)Kim Ji-hyun »

Hi, I read your post impressively.
you said battlefield tourism must be educational and sacred.
I also think it is ideal entertainment follows education.
More realistically,however, as you know educating people without entertainment is almost not possible.
For example, Most people study for money,which means people endure pains of learning when they are beneficial to themselves.
Thus,I think entertainment prior to education is inevitable and giving them information about battlefield via tourism for fun is more down to earth and the best way.

(102)kyungwon Min
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (102)kyungwon Min »

Battlefield tourism should be educational, but the commercialism is the method to make attraction to general public. If many people don't know the existence of battlefield, it can't be educational. It is better to gather attraction than ignorance. Usually, people have an interest in commercial things, but they don't get many interest in educational things. When people go to the battlefield and play, they can see the history of battlefield and they will naturally get interest in the eudcational part of battlefield. So, I think it is very useful to use commercialism in battlefield to appeal the educational parts of battlefield tourism.

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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (102)HyunKyungLee »

Of course, Battlefield tourism must be sacred and educational. But it is very unrealistic idea that
everyone can served that place on their own free will. At first, we need not enforcing
their sacred behavior (thinking its true meaning) but attracting their interest.
So I think some commercial actions are essential to respect the battlefield.

101 Woo Jeong A
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by 101 Woo Jeong A »

In my opinion, commercial activities in battlefields probably have started in an effort to get people to know the existence of battlefields. And I don't think anyone can deny the fact that commercial activities have triggered increase in number of people visiting battlefields. So, instead of "stopping" these activities altogether, we need to come up with a reasonable solution to "limit" these activities.

(104)July Ban
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

Post by (104)July Ban »

Your idea is lovely, but I want to ask you one thing. Do we really need a battlefield Tourism? Being sacred and educational can be on internet too. Do we really have to respect the precious piece of land as a respectful thing and just let it ride? In South Korea, especially, we do not have enough earth to preserve the vestiges of ill-considered war. Since I think the war and its output is just the verification of the strong. Why do we have to respect them? In the war too many people are killed whether it's our team or not. It is a real inhumane activity so why should we preserve the place and respect them? If there is a people still say they have to, I recommend an on line web site as a sacred place to mourn and respect. Let's be a little more reasonable.

(102)Sunang Shin
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Re: Battlefield Tourism

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Without doubt, the best way to study past conflict is to visit the field of battle. For the civilian, a battlefield tour achieve the experience of a relative and it can be better understood, or an interest can be indulged and developed. And like any holiday, a few days in a different place can be both hugely relaxing and enjoyable. But I don't agree commercializing battlefield too much. I think it's too much to build casino and amusementpark near the battlefield. Instead of these, it'd better build memorial center which offer various experience concerned historical things.

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