The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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The lottery seems to be an important festival that every villager should attend. Usually most people want to win the lottery but villagers are afraid of winning the lottery. It’s because the purpose of the lottery is not to congratulate or give a prize but to kill the winner with the act of stoning. There are many cultural areas that have a custom of throwing stone to execute sinners. Even though it’s important to accept cultural relativity, is it proper to regard killing people as a cultural custom? If someone says that he or she thinks it’s just a part of a cultural practice, maybe that person falls into extreme cultural relativism. Things related to human right abuse like killing people should not be tolerated.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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of course not. In this story, even though the narrator doesn't say directly to readers that This Custom is bullshit, probably most of readers are supposed to come to an accord--why do folkspeople follow the custom? what for? there's just nonsense rather than a logic. If a logic can be found, that would be like "Cause the tradition is the tradition". This story, I think, is mainly talkin about the concept of hypocracy that are hiding inside people's mind. we know ourselves better than any other, meaning we know who we are, how selfish we become sometimes in a irritating situation, how self-centered we are. That's universal phenomenon nobody can deny. Of couse there might be some people who are inbornly warm-hearted, generous, considerate, according to their own opinions. But I don't think so. WE are all son of darkness and light but we are trying to be a good person to another, trying to be shown as a kind human being, pushing down on the bad, evil, dark side of ego.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I believe that the customs which threatens the life of human being should be disappeared in any way.
When i first read through the story, it came to my mind that the village was very peaceful and was such a historical place that the tradition exist from the long time ago. But the ending was quiet shocking and the whole story seemed mysterious.
As you mentioned, not only in the story, but also in our society does exist the custom which seems more likely a savage.
In the name of "custom", we are adapted to conduct the unreasonable thing not even thinking. And these repetetive procedures create the "tradition" in which someway respected by the people.
We can easily find the example in some countries where culturally and religiously allow to kill the person who have not been followed the rule that society regulates. Even more terrible fact is that the family or friends can kill their own who haven't obeyed the custom, contrary to the rules. But i think these cases should be strictly prohibited and observed, because it's the matter of 'life'. Any customs, governmental decisions, or religious rules come before the life of human nature.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Even some young people in village think that the lottery should be stopped and another village already stopped the lottery.But Warner insist that the lottery should be maintained. Warner didn`t recognize that the lottery make casualty. Warner think the lottery as a kind of ceremony. In this reason, He insists that the lottery should be maintained. But in case of the lottery, it make a casualty and violate the human right. After Doing the lottery, villagers throw stones and winner of the lottery will die. The lottery is just dumb tradition. Dumb tradition shouldn`t be maintained. If it is maintained, every year one of villagers should be dead.It is unfair. In this reason, I think the lottery shouldn`t be tolerated.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Human right and dignity must come before any other matters. Therefore I strongly believe that the traditions or rituals against those fundamental values must be discontinued and abolished. Under the name of tradition, people are encouraged to commit crimes without feeling any guilts. of course, this can be a matter of cultural relativity. However, every culture must respect a value of human dignity to make sure the practice of the tradition is beneficial to humanity. Therefore the tradition of stoning a person to death is, no doubt, to be abandoned.
I just want to remind that no traditions can be born if there are no people to support it and continue it.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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At first glance, the custom of the lottery shown in the story might seem so irrational and savage. I do agree that the custom like the lottery should not be tolerated. However, I want to make one important thing to think about. Before evaluating one particular custom, the culture that kind of made that custom should also be considered. In thinking about other cultures, I believe that there is no one superior culture to another. It is important to concern cultural relativism. Even though the custom of "The Lottery" was surely wrong, in thinking about other customs, I believe that we should not evaluate the culture of that custom, with the standard of our own culture.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Well, I think it is not a problem about cultural difference. Do you know about honor killing in the Middle East?
People in there have killed in the name of damaging their family’s honor.
Do you think we cannot criticize that culture because there is no one superior culture to another and we cannot evaluate that? Is it moral?
We have to think about human right and dignity before cultural difference.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Customs that nobody wishes to follow or likes to do should be changed into more desirable content. Custom is something people made up. They follow and preserve those along the generation. That would mean people is the subject and custom is the object, not vice versa. Following customs should be done with desirable mide. However, in the novel 'the Lottery', no one likes their custom, hitting with stones to the one who gets randomly chose. People are always anxious at the fact that they could be chosen. This is the point where custom becomes the subject and people become the object. This situation is so-called 'putting the cart before the horse'. Their custom has to be changed with the process of getting feedback.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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It is wrong that people to be for the custom. Custom should exist for people. If the custom is harm to people, it is not a custom, just a vice.

The lottery, in this passage, is so to be changed, not tolerable. It apparently harms people. It already has been a vice. It has no goal for people. This custom, as a goal of vice itself, should be gotten rid of.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Of course I think it is not reasonable. We of course should admit each different culture of the world. However, difference of cultures are only to be admitted they are not related to dignity of human life. I don't know why they should kill someone on the ground of tradition and unique culture. I heard there are some unreasonable traditions in some countries which harm human rights. I think it should be constricted on a global scale. Developed countries are in duty to stop things that are wrong.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I totally agree with your post.
At that moment I read the part that people threw stones at a woman
I got scared and shocked.
Some customs in the world that do some people injuries shouldn't be observed.
Besides,because the people who participate in those customs are usually dough-faced , they passively jump on the bandwagon.
It can be ture that one missing a custom can be blamed by paticipants.
Thus,I think they should rebel against the custom together so they have power.
A custom people don't take part in won't be able to exist.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Many tribes, groups, or even nations have their own traditional rituals. But, truly nowadays many people worry about the immoral habitats. It is really good to have a tradittional things, but it must be a moral things. Like the story The Lottery, the traditional ritual is to kill someone, it can't be acceptable.In reality, many africa tribes have cruel rituals like cut someone's finger, get out the teeth or even kill someone. Although they say its their own traditional things, the habit that is immoral must be removed. Because all the people have their freedom to live and protect their own body and mental.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I do agree with your opinions. The tradition usually means a custom or belief that is worth passing down to coming generation, so has existed for a long time. I think all tradition should make the society which keeps to it more sound and healthy. That is the desirable tradition precisely. So bad custom ‘lottery’, killing people with the act of stoning, can not be a tradition from where I stand. If it can be accepted in the name of tradition, sex discrimination in the Middle East or foot-binding of ancient China can also be tolerated. I think anything is superior to human being. The tradition is also made for humanity. If there is something which violates human dignity, it must not be justified for any reason.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I assume that most of the students would agree with the idea that the lottery should not be tolerated. I also agree with the idea, however, I just wanted to make it clear; to the people who actually live in that village, banning tradition is not that easy thing. It is easier said than done. The Lottery, the immoral tradition, could not be prohibited since the custom had the symbol of "prosper". The village people were worried about the future of the village and this is the reason the custom has been tolerated in this country. It is hard to blame them just because it is inhumane.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I have the same opinion with yours. I would like to say that tradition have to be passed down only it guarantees human dignity.
As the origin of some group's custom and culture is the purpose to make their group members prosperous and healthy, it is true to say that traditions that steals human right and life is not worth to be consisted. Although the "lottery" custom has some good point in that it can unify the members of villiage, It can't be accepted as custom because it not only one of their members is sacrificed and but also it encourage villiagers to murder. So that "lottery" should be disappear to make town healty

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