The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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(101)Junho Richard Lee
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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As you cited, the term which flashed through my mind was "extreme relativism". By reflecting on the meaning of that term, the lottery custom should be banned, because it is against the fundamental human rights. Therefore, there is no need for discussing whether should we banish it or not. Rather, we should to think about the conflict of elderly people and young people, those who want to "sustain" it or "eliminate" it. Lottery is sustained by the elderly people, who do not know actually how they have to perform the ritual thing before picking the paper. And that is eliminated by young people in the town where is not directly shown in this story. What do you guys think of this subject?

(101)Rina Kim
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I think that the fact that the lottery custom should be terminated is obvious and apparent thing to talk about. I want to talk about the novel itself. From the beginning, I totally could not expect that this lottery was doing for what. The atmosphere of the novel was so light, and describing the children playing makes us feel comfortable. Also, though the lottery is extremely cruel thing, the whole villagers participated in the lottery with not that serious mind. It showed us a dignity of old convention removed a reason of people, and made people callous. They were hardened to the cruelty. At the last part, even the kids of Mrs. Hutchinson breathe easy when they were not chosen. I think it was the saddest thing in the whole story. Even the family could not feel sympathy on her.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Unless someone brings up a war against the custom, it will be really difficult to change the original custom that they have followed for so many years. It is same for the North Korea for instance, people are used to what they have been following and many of them don't even know the true meaning of freedom. Educating young people therefore, is very important. When you naturally absorb the customs and knowledge in teenage years, you are so used to it that you don't have the courage nor feel necessary to change the whole process.

(104)Ji Young Lee
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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I totally think this custom should be banned because its bad and has no positive influence on the public what so ever
in fact customs should not be followed just because its old and ancient
we should always look at its cause and effect

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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In my opinion, the lottery is a custom that should be discarded because it make someone suffered. In this story, many people only follow the rule of the lottery; they do not care about one's pain and they only care about their custom. Although this rule bothers someone like Mrs. Hutchison, village people are favor of it. I think it shows bad habit of our society. Surely, the novel and other literature work must have reflected to the shape, atmosphere and problem of society. This is a reason why the author of 'The Lottery." So the process of lottery is a representative of social evil: this is sometimes called custom. When a custom makes someone's life felt unfair, it is not custom but evil. Therefore, i think, the writer said that an bad custom should be eliminated.

Jho MunYoung
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Custom is a kind of ceremony what people created and totally held by them. It is not a natural phenomenon that humans cannot resist or escape from. They can handle it themselves and change froms or rules of a certain custom. Then, the custom should follow human rules and rights. Why should people 'tolerate' things that are created by their own selves? Especially a custom like the Lottery should be get rid of or be changed to fit the modern life. People have no rules such as obeying to a custom that kills people.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Of course , there is a reason why people who want to remain the bad custom believe
this custom is appropriate. And as a stranger we can't judge whether it is right or not.
However if the custom relate to human right, we should take measure to stop it!
Because it's country don't have right that decides a matter of life or death.

(106)Jeon Hyeonjeong
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Of course it's not okay. But there are some customs that kill people or make people die. In some tribes, it's a method of maintaining certain amount of people because there are not enough food and other life-needed supplies. And if they don't maintain that small amount of tribe people, everyone can die. In this situation, people's death has a relatively practical reason than "The Lottery."(Although it's still hard to say this is okay.) However, in this situation, the resaon is meaningless and superficial. I believe this custom will soon disappear because this can not be tolerated.

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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Socrates left a famous saying, "A law is a law, however undesirable it may be." I agree this saying partially. But bad custom must be changed for the best. In case of North Korea or Islam countries, there are a lot of bad customs which never care about people and disecrate human's right and dignity. In these case, customs have to be abolished or be changed. But there are also many customs that we can't understand because of cultural difference. For example, Western countries criticize that Korean eat dog meat. However, in france they feed to goose using hooper by force. It also deserve to criticize. So, one country or person should not necessarily be judged by the standards of another in some cases.

(104)Jaeyeon Jeon
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Re: The Lottery-Is it a custom that should be tolerated?

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Although guaranteeing diversity is an important matter thesedays, It is only in the extent that essential values are not violated. That is, tolerating customs that are against basic human rules and accepting them as a culture is simply wrong and could arouse the problem of 'extreme cultural diversity.'
Obviously, the custom of playing the lottery seems to be against various international values. In specific, it is wrong in a sense that it divides those who are supposed to be equal into two groups, attackers and a victim, and assigns attackers the right to harm the victim. Also, the act of throwing stone and leading one to death certainly is brutal and cruel. It annihilates human dignity to the least degree and eliminates the differences between human beings and animals.
Therefore, the lottery custom, which does not conform to the worldwide values, should not be tolerated but halted immediately.

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