Ways to solve school BULLYING

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(101) Yoon Hye sun
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Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (101) Yoon Hye sun »

School bullying is becoming a big problem these days.
It might lead to a wrong development of the child's personality and in the worst case, a suicide.
So what are the ways to solve school bullying?
When I had a teaching practice at a high school, there was a student's club that counsels and listens to the victims of school bullying. I think it was a good idea, but still this way won't be perfect prevention.
What do you think?

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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (101)SungMinAhn »

I agree with Hye Sun`s opinion. A student's club that counsels and listens to the victims of school bullying is a very good thing to prevent school bullying. But more ways to solve school bullying is needed. Usually, suffered students don`t reveal their suffer. They just tolerate and tolerate. As Hye Sun said, this can lead to suicide of suffered students. So school has to make system that suffered students can reveal their suffer and bullying students.

(106) Sanggyun Kim
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (106) Sanggyun Kim »

I think the strict laws and new education system should be needed. Goverment should strengthen personality education in schools. And with this, bullying students must be harshly punished. I think, nowadays, the Minor Protection Law is not needed. Students knows the bullying is bad thing. So if they did it, they should be resposible for their own actions.

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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (104)JungYeChan »

I don't think counsellor in school needs to prevent bullying. counselling can not give a bullied student fundamental soultions.
though they can get a relief at that moment, if they confront bullying situation again they are still bullied.
so I think strict laws is needed as sanggyun mentioned. and as bullying ages decrease, the home education is also important.

(106)Seokjin Hong
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (106)Seokjin Hong »

I thought using Closed circuit cameras(CCTVs) could help out. If we install "fake" CCTVs, it won't cost a lot of money, and at least when the child (who's being bullied) is staying at school, he/she will be safe.

The problem with this is when outside of school, there are plenty of areas in the "shadows"
that bullies can use.

But at least the bullied child will be okay in class. :roll:

Anyone have any useful advice for this?

(103) yukyeong bang
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (103) yukyeong bang »

I think school should have a program on every side on bullying.
I mean, for students who are bullied and for students who bully other students.
And these programs should not be formal.
They could feel each other's feeling sincerely through these programs.

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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by HeeMoon »

i think there will be nothing that can prevent school bullying in 100%. But to avoid serious problem i think the education related to that problem should start at elementery. Counselling, teachers or anything else build in school doesn't really help, i think. Starting from younger ages to awaken the seriousness and also educate them to have right mental will help to solve in somehow.

(101)Rina Kim
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (101)Rina Kim »

I would like to give an advice to the students who are bullyed.
When bullying happens in the school, not all the students are that bad. The students bullying other students are not majority.
Only some students do this. Most of the students think that's not right, but can not do anything and just look on them.
I think trying to be friends with that kind of students and show who you really are are the best ways to reslove the situations.
Being friends with them would give you some clues to the situations you have to face.
I think it is the most practical suggestion.

(104)Yoonjoo Nam
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (104)Yoonjoo Nam »

Most importantly, remember that it is not a bullied person's fault. Tell a school counselor, parents, teacher, and continue to tell them if it does not stop. Schools are breaking the law if they allow bullying to continue within their walls. They must provide bullied one with a safe education.

(104) Jisung Park
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (104) Jisung Park »

I think the effective way to prevent BULLYING is educational system. Some of young students don't recognize how terrible bullying is so that easily bully weak others.
So education system making students know it's badness will reduce their will to others.

(102)Jae eun Cho
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (102)Jae eun Cho »

The level of school bullying is getting severe these days and it calls for more attention since many young students are committing suicide because of school violence.
I think the most severe problem of school bullying is that teachers are not trying to protect the victim and they just let the situation as it is. Since there's nothing the victims and their family can do, teachers should pay more attention to students who are being bullied and try to solve the situation.

(101)Junho Richard Lee
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (101)Junho Richard Lee »

As you already realized, merely listening and counceling victims can not solve the bullying problem. Until now, school has used only weak solutions, and they even tried to conceal it. The examples of 'weak' solutions are, giving the assailants penalty points. When the penalty points is accamulated, the bullying students would punished, like compulsory attendence of volunter works. However, those kind of solution can not cure the situation. Attending social voluntary works can not eradicate the bullying student's bad mind.

(107)Hyun Jun
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (107)Hyun Jun »

We are in dire need of finding ways to solve bullying in school as this problem is causing such trouble. Facilitating child counseling programs or teachers should be need. What do you think so?

(102)Sunang Shin
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by (102)Sunang Shin »

Thesedays, school bullying is really severe social problem. The goverment or school have been trying to prevent or get rid of this problem. However, school bullying is getting serious. School bullying makes victim students go suicide or get depression. It' same with muderer. So I think we have to consider this as crime and punishment must be stronger. In our society, we are so generous to teenager. But if we are not handled correctly, the bully never regret their act or realize thier fault. They doesn't care about the consequence. When they are arrested, thier parents tell their chlidren to keep silient to escape the penalty. Even though, bully students get punishment, it is really slight things. So I think the goverment should intensify the punishment for these students as criminal.

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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

Post by KoEunJung »

I don't think that counsels are an effective way to stop bullying. As others mentioned, there should be a strong law that applied to bullies. It's important that everybody can know that they bullied someone in the past, and there should be a negative effect on their life because of the fact they once bullied someone.

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