Ways to solve school BULLYING

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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

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I agree with you.
In my opinion, Teacher should teach students with activity of cooperation.
It will help students unite and bullied students join other students of class.
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Re: Ways to solve school BULLYING

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Although solutions toward bullying has been frequently discussed thesedays, we still have not found a satisfactory answer and it still is a social problem.
As far as I am concerned, the first thing that should be taken into account is what people think of the victims. That is, a lot of people implicitly believe that victims have their own faults and they bring such a consequence to themselves. However, the act of bullying is barbarian as it is and nobody deserves such treatment. Rather, kids should be taught that it is recommended to embrace others' weaknesses and never isolate one from a group on purpose. Only through such lesson will they be able to understand differences between people and respect an individual as whole. This also could be a great help when they enter society which composes varying people from totally different backgrounds.
In short, I believe that basic approaches, such as change of people's way of thinking and teaching students how to embrace others, are needed to be done to exclude bullying completely.
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