Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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(102)kyungwon Min
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Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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There are many kind of communication skills, communication situation. And also, communication breakdown happens in various situation. The most common communication breakdown is in debate situation. Debate is a process that adjusts the different opinions for one conclusion. But, it is really difficult to debate because many people have their own opinion and they have their own way to reach the conclusion. To prevent this discussion breakdown, I will make a rule of debate. For example, people have to speak their own opinion just one time, and when one person is speaking, others can't talk with each other. They have to just listen. After one person finishs his opinion, people can speak their different opinions fairly. This method can prevent the argument between people, so this can be the best method to repair the communication.

101 Woo Jeong A
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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Communication breakdown often occurs between parents and their kids. For example, I and my mom are discussing my curfew and we're not agreeing because I think that I am old enough to stay out later than she thinks is appropriate. In this situation, mostly, I pretend to understand her and give her a nod of agreement. Because I know that she would never understand me or not even try to pretend to understand me.

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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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When communication breakdown, i will ask some question about them.
It is the best way to break cold - air. And also it's basic communication skill.
So when you use this skill, you can break these situation.

(104)Jaeyeon Jeon
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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I believe communication breakdown often occurs between those who are not exposed to frequent interactions.
As for me, I only get to see my relatives once or twice a year and thus am in an awkward relationship with most of them.
When we all gather for holidays, only a few insincere courtesies, followed by a great pause with uncomfortable smiles, take place.
As an effort to break the ice, I usually suggest to play games. When I was young, I played 'Yut(윷)' and now that I am old enough, I play cards.
Through this, we actually have something to do and thus are not obligated to come up with new subjects every few minutes.
Also, it is the easiest way to get close with my relatives with the rising atmosphere and all.
In short, when I face communication breakdown, I suggest fun activities that can easily help annihilate the awkwardness.

(106)Seokjin Hong
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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So, the advice you're giving us is that we should listen without interrupting.
Fairly good advice. Though, I would like to add that we should ask questions
relevant to what the former speaker said.

If we just listen and then give our own opinions(according to my personal experience),
some people just wait (they don't really listen), and then when they think the other
person is done speaking, they blabber their ideas.

So, only just listening does help, but only up to a certain point. :roll:

(103) yukyeong bang
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

Post by (103) yukyeong bang »

when communication breakdown takes place, I think the best way to handle it is asking back.
People often think that asking about what they were talking about bothers the other person.
But actually, people appreciate it because it's a proof that I'm trying to listen carefully and talk with them.
So, i think the most important thing to 'break' breakdown is not getting scared of asking.

(101)Rina Kim
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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It is a quite awkward situation. It if often caused when I talk with unfamilar person.
In this kind of relationship, after talking about what we should talk about, there's nothing to say any more.
Then there's a silence for a while.
Usually I can't bear this kind of silence. So I tried to say anything that relates with us commonly.
And ask something that needs long answer, not yes or no.

(104)Yoonjoo Nam
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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After you’ve properly discussed what happened and where the breakdown occurred, it’s time to sit down and really listen. After all, this is what you didn’t do last time, so isn’t it about time? You don’t want the communication problems. Set aside some real time to discuss all the issues that your group faces. Obviously, but it clearly needs to be said, this talk needs your undivided attention (there probably wouldn’t have been a problem in the first place if it had it, would there?). Don’t schedule it during lunch or any other time you think there will be distractions. If it was a serious breakdown in communication, then treat the solution seriously. At the beginning of your meeting, clearly explain the reason for the meeting, and be sure to encourage questions at the end. Listen more than you speak, use “I” statements instead of “you” statements, and just generally bring your manners into the room.

(104) Jisung Park
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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I think communication breakdown occurs when talking with unfamiliar ones or not enough reaction created at another's opinion.
Uncomfortable atmosphere exists between not friendly people who are talking with. So conversation is easily stop and breakdown.
I suggest the way to make conversation maintained is express enough reaction or own idea when told other's idea and this cause them satisfied and more passionately speak more.

(102)Sunang Shin
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Re: Communication breakdown, What will you do?

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There are difficulteis of communication with foreigners. I have one experience of communication breakdown when i was in spain as exchange student. There were a lot of students who come from various countries. When my french friend held little home party and she invited lot of exchange students. We ate nice dinner and also drunk beverages. My korean friends flushed because of beer. And she said to english girs who is black, "I envy you since you don't have to worry or care about your cheeks. Because you are black so you don't like drunken or flushed." Of coures she didn't mean discrimination thing. But at that instant, many students concetrated on her words. I was so embarrassed and that english girsl just laugh "Yeah!! It's so convenient." She also understood my friends didn't intend discrimination. But I think this speech is really subtle things. My friend didn't have many experience of conversation with foreigner. After, she excuse herslef she didn't mean discrimination. If english girl didn't laugh away or joke, it could be serious problem. So I think when communication breakdown, we have to expain what we intend to say and make someone understand our intention.

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