Battle field tourism

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fri12.harim kim
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Battle field tourism

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When I heard about commercializing famous battlefield at first, I thought it was a just great idea. By visiting there, the modern can learn and remember their historical past. Nowadays, it is easy to forget what they’ve got which is from the sacrifice of war. So I totally agree to battlefield tourism in positive ways. Of course there are some troubles because of it, but I don’t think that it means we should stop touring there. If there were some troubles, we can make it right by setting a limitation. For example, we can make a rule not to bring food in a field. When tourists need to eat or drink, they can use a cafeteria in an only given area. Also they are banned to lie and run around.
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Re: Battle field tourism

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Well, I agree to your opinion, but I think excessive commercialzing of battle field is a kind of trouble. Even if an origianl purpose was to bring people to battle field and make them honor, it's not good to earn money through battle field tourism. And of course there are people who visit battle field to learn and respect, but actually many people visit their for a kind of entertainment.
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