Metrosexual men and flexisexual women

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Metrosexual men and flexisexual women

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About 10 years ago in America, talk about metrosexual men became a big thing. Metrosexuals are straight guys who don't maind acting like women (or to be accurate what society has traditionally expected of women). Here's an article about metrosexuals: ... e-out.html

Of course some men say metrosexuals are not real men at all (warning the following link uses foul language and contains sexual content): ... wards_2003

Now I don't know if the word will catch on the way metrosexuals did but we are starting to hear about flexisexual women in the mainstream news. These are women who kiss other women but who are not homosexual or bisexual. The first article I've seen on the topic: ... d=12973190

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